Azerbaijani SEC presents its first int’l project

Azerbaijani SEC presents its first int’l project
# 14 February 2017 09:51 (UTC +04:00)

The State Examination Center of Azerbaijan (SEC) held an event on Tuesday to present its new twinning project titled “Support to the continuation of reforms in the civil service system of Azerbaijan”.

The project partners are the Azerbaijani SEC and the State Secretariat of the Republic of Lithuania.

Present at the event were Maleyka Abbaszade, chairperson of the SEC Board of Directors; Bahram Khalilov, deputy chairman of the SEC Board of Directors; Sevinj Hasanova, deputy minister of economy; Safa Mirzayev, head of the Office of the Azerbaijani Parliament.

Addressing the event, Abbaszade said the two-year project aims to contribute to further development of the professional and sustainable civil service system of Azerbaijan that is compatible with the best European practice.

According to her, the project provides support to public administration, exchange of best practices, as well as the adaptation of national legislation to EU standards.

Malena Mard, head of the EU Delegation in Azerbaijan, said in her speech that the budget of the EU-funded two-year project amounts to 1.2 million euro.

The project is aimed at the establishment of a professional civil service system in Azerbaijan, said Mard, noting that European partners will work with the Azerbaijani side for two years and make recommendations on the project.

“The EU has implemented 47 twinning projects in Azerbaijan over the past decade. Hopefully, this figure will reach 50 by the end of this year,” she added.

Safa Mirzayev, head of the Office of the Azerbaijani Parliament, said this project is an important step forward.

“Azerbaijan cooperates with the EU in various areas. The working group with the EU has been operating in the Azerbaijani parliament for 8 years. Twinning projects require funding. However, proper spending of funds depends on the experience of the countries involved. Some difficulties are inevitable,” he added.

Deputy Minister of Economy Sevinj Hasanova and other speakers also underlined the importance of the project.