Will we endure Sputnik and RIA Novosti a lot?-ANALYSIS

Will we endure Sputnik and RIA Novosti a lot?-ANALYSIS
# 03 June 2022 15:33 (UTC +04:00)

As long as Azerbaijan keeps silent to Russian media’s impudence- to put it mildly-they are overstepping limits. Of course, in this process, the media resources headed by the origin of known Margarita Simonyan, one of the main mouthpieces of the Russian state are leading.

Simonyan widely used and continues to use the finance and opportunities of the Russian state for its weak, national interests, both before the 44-day war, during the Patriotic War, and the post-war period. If going into details, actually, we can say that the interests of Moscow and Simonyan coincide. Otherwise, why does Russia give its resources to the disposal of Simonyan and people like her?..

So far, the Sputnik agency, whose activity was suspended in many countries, obviously supports separatists in Karabakh and leads the propaganda against Azerbaijan. Finally, we see RIA Novosti, one of the Russian state agencies headed by Margarita Simonyan, in this role.

This time, the Russian state agency found an element in Karabakh and prepared an interview with him. It is not a question of what that element with the surname Beglaryan said. The main issue is how RIA Novosti introduced that person, to reproduce what he said, to give him a platform.

The interview introduces that person as the state minister of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. Although RIA had previously made an unrecognized note in front of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, this time, it has not needed this note. So, Russia’s state agency behaved as recognizing the “Nagorno Karabakh Republic.”

We often observe such cases that are directed against Azerbaijan and irritate Azerbaijan in the Russian press, especially in the state media. In general, after Russia started the war in Ukraine, we began to face more regular aggression and injustice in our relations with our northern neighbor. Various statements and articles published in the Russian media contain hatred, threats, and resentment against Azerbaijan. The reason is that Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani media do not support Russia's aggression against Ukraine. Even some members of the Azerbaijani media, who covered the war objectively, with statements of both Russian and Ukrainian officials, were blocked in Russia.

Instead, the "Sputnik" and "RIA Novosti" continue to operate freely in our country, by "finding" and presenting a so-called organization that has never existed in the territory of Azerbaijan, and interviewing a non-existent "state minister".

The Russian media, especially the state press, is demonstratively working against Azerbaijan and supports terrorism, terrorists, and separatism in the territory of our country

Apparently, they are even more encouraged by the fact that official Baku has not yet taken any steps in return. These media outlets have already dared to openly support separatist-terrorist rubbles.

We should have to respond to such actions. In return for the actions of the Russian state and state media, Azerbaijan should have suspended the activity of Sputnik in its territory long ago and abolished the offices and correspondent posts of RIA Novosti and other resources. On what basis do these resources, which have become a mouthpiece for Russia, as well as Armenia and separatist terrorists in Karabakh, continue to operate in Azerbaijan today? Is there a logical explanation for this?

As you read what separatist Beglaryan, whom RİA Novosti gave a tribune, said, it is possible to conclude that he is voicing Russia's wishes: "We often hear nonsenses like "Russian peacekeepers must stay termless in Karabakh", "European Union can not deal with the regulation o the conflict, there is adopted OSCE Minsk Group format for this".etc. from the official and non-official mouses of Russia. Russia's state agency RIA Novosti's coverage of this nonsense once again gives basis to say that what the separatist said coincides with Moscow's position. It seems that the Russian state voices its position in the language of a rat temporarily hiding in a hole in the territory of Azerbaijan. The Russian state that today declared in Ukraine that it fights with the whole world, now hopes for some separatist element in Karabakh. It is very miserable for Moscow.

The Azerbaijani state must no longer remain silent on these steps of the Russian media, especially the state media. Analogical steps are taken against the Russian media resources that suspended the activity of some media organs of Azerbaijan in their territory without any basis. Because the picture we see today shows that Moscow has joined the separatists in Karabakh and gone further.

But terrorist-separatist rubbles both in Russia and Karabakh must not forget that the whole world accepts that Karabakh is Azerbaijani land, and square accounts with the reality created in the world after the 44 days of the war. Azerbaijan will decide how much the Russian peacekeepers will stay in Karabakh. In the case that Russia and the Russian media continue like that, it is more likely that peacekeepers in Karabakh will be sent home at the end of the first five years. Our recommendation to the Russian peacekeepers from the beginning is not to forget to take such microbe with the surname Beylaryan with themselves, alongside other separatists when leaving Karabakh.