Which NGOs will monitor and observe the early presidential elections in Azerbaijan?-STUDY

Which NGOs will monitor and observe the early presidential elections in Azerbaijan?-STUDY
# 11 January 2024 17:40 (UTC +04:00)

Before the snap presidential elections, it's observed that NGOs seriously organized and united in coalitions.

The analysis of the data we collected based on the information spread on social media and internet resources shows that currently 3 coalitions of NGOs have been announced to monitor the elections:

"My Voice" Election Monitoring Coalition - famous NGO chairmen have united here. These are Novella Jafaroglu, the chairman of the Azerbaijan Women's Rights Protection Society named after D. Aliyeva, Saadat Bananyarli, the head of the Azerbaijan National Section of the International Human Rights Society, Saida Gocamanli, the chairman of the Public Union for the Protection of Human Rights and Rule of Law. The coalition has already announced that they have formed a group of well-known experts and political scientists. The coalition will monitor all stages of the election and prepare interim, election day, and final reports and present them to the public. According to the information provided by the coalition, they are currently collecting the documents of the persons who will observe the election day across the republic, and in the coming days, they will be addressed to the CEC with a letter to register them as observers. The coalition will monitor more than 50% of electoral districts.

The Civil Society Monitoring Coalition - here, the chairman of the "Democratic Election Center" Public Union, Gorkhmaz Ibrahimli, the chairman of the "Independent Law Center" Public Union, Aydin Karimli, and the chairman of the "Society Development Center" Public Union, Ahmet Abbasbeyli, joined forces. The coalition is already training its representatives who will observe the republic on election day, and long-term observers of the OSCE Bureau of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights watched the training.

On January 9, the Civil Society Monitoring Coalition met with Naemi Arcidiacono and Oljas Akanov, long-term observers of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR). Opportunities for cooperation were reviewed at the meeting. From the statements released by the coalition, it is known that they are supposed to conduct monitoring in 63 electoral districts on election day.

Election Observation and Analysis Group Coalition - the chairman of the "Oilmen's Rights Protection Organization" Public Union Mirvari Kahramanli, the chairman of the "For Civil Society" Public Union Rafiq Ismayil, the chairman of the "Multimedia Information Systems and Technologies Center" Public Union Osman Gunduz joined together. On January 10, Oljas Akanov and Naemi Arcidiacono, representatives of the Election Observation Mission of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) met with the Coalition. It is reported that this Coalition will monitor the elections with more than 500 observers on election day.

It is observed that a large number of NGOs that are not united in coalitions are competing to monitor the elections in the republic. The Azerbaijan National NGO Forum, the International Eurasian Press Fund, the Azerbaijan Garabagh War Disabled, Veterans and Martyrs' Families Public Union, the War, Labor and Armed Forces Veterans Organization have issued a statement and announced that they will observe the elections on election day throughout the country. Azerbaijan Student Youth Organization, Union of Voluntary Organizations of Azerbaijan, and National Council of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan also made similar statements.

A large number of NGOs will monitor the elections with their local observers.

It seems that the NGO sector will be quite active in the early presidential elections on February 7. The statements given also suggest that the observers will follow the election process very carefully and try to evaluate it correctly. This is one of the main criteria for holding fair and transparent elections.