New agreement with Moscow: Threats against Azerbaijan from Russian information space to be blocked-ANALYSIS

Sergey Lavrov, Jeyhun Bayramov

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# 24 June 2022 18:15 (UTC +04:00)

The visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Azerbaijan has been significant in many aspects. The most important one of them is, no doubt, signing an agreement on cooperation in the field of provision of international information security between two countries.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeyhun Bayramov has signed an "Agreement on cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of provision of international information security" with Sergey Lavrov on June 24.

Baku’s blocking RIA Novosti, the Russian state Agency in the territory of the country, due to concerns and disagreements observed recently between Russia and Azerbaijan namely in security field , against the background of the war in Ukraine, Moscow’s suspending broadcasting of some media resources in the territory of the country, as well as spreading the interview of ruins of Karabakh separatists, once again shows that how relevant the signing of this document is.

While getting closely acquainted we should say that the treaty is of great importance.

Among the main threats to ensuring information security, the treaty signed to effectively prevent existing threats in the field of information technology, are acts aimed at violating the sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity of states, computer attacks on important information infrastructure, terrorist propaganda, and terrorist purposes, interference in state affairs and public order, Deliberately misrepresenting facts that incite ethnic, racial or xenophobic hatred, promote separatism and extremism, hatred and discrimination, racial and xenophobic ideas that incite violence and instability, deliberate dissemination of false information under the guise of reliable messages about situations that threaten the life and safety of citizens or cause serious consequences, and other cases.
The document imposes serious responsibilities on the sides (Azerbaijan and Russia).

The treaty notes that the sides should ensure the activity in accordance with general principles and norms of international law, including maintaining security and stability, mutual respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, security and inviolability of state borders, peaceful settlement of disputes and conflicts, not apply force or threat of force, not interfere in internal affairs, respect to human rights and freedoms, as well as principles of bilateral cooperation and non-interference in the information resources of states.

The agreement between Russia and Azerbaijan on cooperation in ensuring international information security is based on equal rights, and fundamental principles of international law, and is a framework for cooperation aimed at the use of information and communication technologies to ensure peace, stability, and development, while combating the use of information and communication technologies against major threats, including in such cases that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states, lives, and security of citizens, and promote separatism and extremism.

The provisions of the document lead to the conclusion that the agreement will block possible threats against Azerbaijan from the Russian media. The agreement will strike the activities of the Armenian lobby and Armenia’s activity in the Russian media against Azerbaijan in the Russian media and will be a major obstacle to the anti-Azerbaijani activities of Armenia in the Russian media.

If we recall the actions of RIA Novosti and other media outlets in Russia for many years, we can say that the new agreement signed between Azerbaijan and Russia has caused serious concern to the separatists in Karabakh. If Russia fully complies with the provisions of the document, it will mean that the separatist remains will be deprived of a significant platform and their nonsense ideas will not be repeated.

With this document, Azerbaijan and Russia strengthen the fight against terrorism as well. Information terrorism is also included here. The factor that an agreement was reached during the visit of Sergey Lavrov on conducting consultations in the field of media between Russia and Azerbaijani must be specially mentioned.

Russia’s main diplomat noted at the press conference held after the meeting with Azerbaijani FM that the subject in the mass media was also discussed with the Azerbaijani President. “We have an understanding about the reasons for a decision adopted by this or another side. We know the examples put forward by the sides. We have an understanding that we will hold a series of special events for the leading Mass Media leaders of both countries based on respect for each other's laws and the principle of freedom of information based on these laws and will clearly talk about how to cover the events in each other's territory. We have agreed that we will organize these consultations under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said Russian FM.

It seems that Russia also accepts the importance and sensitivity of the issue as Azerbaijan and wants to cooperate in this field.

Noting the importance of the Agreement, it may be added that Azerbaijan, as in other areas, is pursuing a purposeful policy to ensure the interests of the state, taking principled and consistent steps in the field of information security.