Money, spent by Armenian diaspora in Karabakh, wasted-INVESTIGATION

Money, spent by Armenian diaspora in Karabakh, wasted-INVESTIGATION
# 29 August 2022 16:09 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan's military and then political victory in Karabakh war has not only resulted in liberation of territories from occupation, but also imbedded the Karabakh conflict in history. International community has already accepted the new status-quo for about recent two years. However, although some revanchist groups and separatist factors, as well as allies within the Armenian diaspora, have tried to continue the rhetoric before the war, preventive measures of official Baku do not allow it. For this reason, Operation Revenge anti-terrorism operation was realized by Azerbaijani Army a few weeks ago and the process of withdrawal of illegally settled Armenian citizens from Lachin city and surrounding villages has started as a result.

One of the residential settlements that illegally settled Armenians are required to leave until end of August is Zabukh village of Lachin district. Zabukh village had great strategic importance as it was located nearby Lachin Corridor and that is why an artificial settlement in this village was realized after occupation.

The Armenian side's implementation illegal building around Zabukh village has been confirmed with photos in the report of "Azercosmos" OJSC entitled "Illegal activities in Azerbaijani territories under Armenian occupation" in 2019.

At the same time, purposeful settlement of ethnic Armenians arriving from Lebanon and Syria has also been conducted in these areas.

In addition to all this, it should be noted that the construction of illegal social infrastructure in the territory of Zabukh village was carried out at the expense of donations from Armenian businessmen and representatives of the diaspora living abroad. The infrastructure projects in the village of Zabukh were started in 2009 through the ARI (Artsakh Roots Investment) organization established by Lebanese Armenians with the aim of providing sustainable development in the occupied territories (Gubadli, Zangilan and Lachin districts) and settling the Armenian population in these territories.

Information was given on the official website of the organization on the ways in which investments can be made in these areas. In total, the construction of 150 houses at 3 stages has been planned in the Zabukh village, and construction works started in 2014. The opening was held with the participation of the head of the organization Stepan Der Bedrosian in September 2016. Note that in accordance with the information given in the open sources, during 2011-2016, a financial amount worth USD 4 mln in total was spent by the organization in the form of small loans in order to strengthen the socio-economic situation in the areas in which were once under occupation.

The fact that the Azerbaijani Army took control of the city of Lachin, including the village of Zabukh, is also a signal sent to the global Armenian "charity" funds. Because an amount in the volume of millions of dollars spent for illegal settlement for long years became virtually meaningless. Local and non-resident Armenians who settled in the region by means of artificial migrations were removed from the area, and the illegally built social infrastructure became the property of Azerbaijan.

Official Baku will not allow Armenians, who were not living in Baku before the conflict started and were provided with flats in later years with the support of diaspora, to stay in the region. Because official Baku has detailed archive information about the identification of the population living in the Karabakh territories before the war.

What happened is an important example of how the millions spent on illegal construction work is a waste of money and what it will result.