Lavrov's statement against Azerbaijan in Yerevan: Russia's top diplomat's intention not looks like peace

Sergey Lavrov,  Russian Foreign Minister

© APA | Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister

# 09 June 2022 15:02 (UTC +04:00)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has sounded an opinion against Azerbaijan at the press conference after meeting with Armenian counterpart Ararat Mirzoyan today, APA reports.

In a response to the question about the situation around Farrukh village of Khojaly district, Lavrov has made remarks which are inappropriate for a diplomat.

Russian FM has noted that regulation of incident in Farrukh is one of the priorities of Russian peacekeeping servicemen in Karabakh.

"Our Armenian friends are well aware of it. In terms of de-escalation of the situation, there are already some results "on the ground". We have a concept that these issues will be reviewed within the framework of subject matter, started regarding delimitation, and will absolutely be resolved," stressed Russian Top Diplomat.

A remarkable point in Lavrov's opinion is that he is speaking about any delimitation process in Azerbaijan's internationally recognized and accepted Karabakh region,

It is worth reminding Sergey Lavrov that his President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly announced Nagorno-Karabakh's being an Azerbaijani territory. While delimitation is a process conducting for determination of borders of two countries. The relevant Commission established between Azerbaijan and Armenia is dealing with determination and specification of the borders of both countries. As Karabakh, Khankendi, Farrukh village are Azerbaijani territories, the delimitation process, which Lavrov has spoken about, is as thought-provoking as it is meaningless. It means the delimitation of Russia with, for example, Dagestan, Chechnya, and other territories.

What does Russian Top Diplomat sign for, what does he mean?

We would like to believe that he sounded these opinions by mistake. It is possible that Lavrov has approached the delimitation process between Azerbaijan and Armenia from a general context, has confused the issue. Otherwise, there is no other way but to think that Russia, which is enemy of the whole world due to the aggression, and war against Ukraine today, sees Azerbaijan among its enemies too.

Russian FM should be aware that he serves to further aggravate the situation with this remark at the present sensitive point. To put it mildly, such a careless statement, which can cause a danger to peace process, from a Top Diplomat of a country, which especially has a peacekeeping mission in Karabakh is unacceptable.