Is Turkey going to face war? – ANALYSIS

Is Turkey going to face war? – <font color=red>ANALYSIS </font>
# 04 October 2012 13:42 (UTC +04:00)
Syria had shot down a Turkish reconnaissance jet in the area of the Mediterranean Sea in June 23.The reason of it still remains as secret. On July 18, a suicide bomber killed Syrian Defense Minister and several officials, when Prime Minister Erdogan was in Moscow. Turkish premier had promised to perform “Namaz” (ritual pray of Islam) for victory in Damascus. He was claiming on that the Syrian Foreign Minister had said that Turkey had established a camp in its territories and committed a crime by arming the oppositions. Turkey’s military hitting targets inside Syria in response to a mortar bomb fired from Syrian territory which killed five Turkish civilians is an indicator of peak strain.

The current situation is more strainer than the time when the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s said “We consider all variants, including the establishment of non-fly zones in Syria”. As you know, Syria had officially apologized for a bomb fell in Akchakale and promised to investigate the issue at a high level. But, it has no meaning now. Despite the increasing warnings by Moscow, and Iran claiming that “Turkey must not interfere the Syrian Issue” after Turkish government gave permission to NATO for construction of a radar system in the district of Malatya were not enough to prevent Ankara from its thought to attack Damascus.

The Parliament empowered the Erdogan government for conducting operation against PKK terrorists, settled in the north of Iraq, now it knocks the door of the Assembly to ask permission for broadening its operations by conducting military operations in Syria. The Turkish government does not seem to have difficulties through getting authority by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM).

The target of the authority the Parliament gave to the Government in order to carry out “military operations on the border” have been clear since 1995 – neither Baghdad, nor the governing department of the North Iraq gave any reaction to the fact that Turkish army has always carried out 10 days annual operations in March, at beginning of the year in order to prevent the formation of terrorist organizations in spring and summer months. The occupation of Iraq created difficulties for Turkey to carry out operations in the region and any over-ground operations there is out of question now. And the authority the government asks from Parliament in order “to conduct military operations in the opposite side of Turkish borders and in Syria additionally,” indicates an “Announcement of preparations for war”

Will Turkey start the war? If it rushes into war, what will be its goal? Maybe to restore democracy in Syria by overthrowing the Assad Regime?

It seems to make everyone just to smile ironically…
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