"Revenge" plan of Armenian lobby in Russia against Azerbaijan -STUDY

"Revenge" plan of Armenian lobby in Russia against Azerbaijan -STUDY
# 18 October 2023 16:49 (UTC +04:00)

An ugly campaign against Azerbaijanis has been started in the information resources of Azerbaijan’s northern neighbor, Russia. Thus, starting from October 15, news titled such as “Azerbaijani nationalist group attacked local residents”, “Criminals from Azerbaijan beats local residents” spreads at lightning speed first on the Telegram social network, and later on media resources. The person committing a crime and being assumed that they are an Azerbaijani is reported without showing any evidence or proof, ignoring the presumption of innocence. Who and what force stands behind this ugly campaign that coincided with the same day of the raising of the flag of Azerbaijan in Khankandi and Khojaly?

APA presents Farid Akbarov’s study, the special correspondent of APA for Russia.

In the last 4 days, news regarding the attacks of Azerbaijanis on local residents in St. Petersburg are circulated in the mass media of Russia. News about Azerbaijanis' violence against local residents in St. Petersburg has invaded the information sphere of Russia starting from October 15. In the information observed with the videos, the culprits are being mentioned as Azerbaijanis and this point is exaggerated on purpose, even though no evidence is presented by the mass media that circulate these news that they are citizens of Azerbaijan.

Why is the nationality of criminals exaggerated in Russia? Especially, if the person who committed the crime is Azerbaijani by nationality...

As a result of conducted study, it became known that, the first news with the title “Azerbaijanis attacked local residents in Petersburg” was spread by "Baza" telegram channel. Yes, “Baza”, managed by Anatoly Suleymanov, a close friend of Armenian-origin media magnate Aram Gabrielyanov... Which, he continues his propaganda against Azerbaijan on the "Baza" telegram channel that has 1 million subscribers – same as at one time, as the editor-in-chief of "Lifenews", which Gabrielyanov founded.

“Rosbalt”, “Ria Novosti”, “Life”, Smotrim.ru, and dozens, maybe hundreds of information resources that we haven't named, circulated that mentioned news of “Baza”, titled as “a mafia consisting of Azerbaijanis attacks local residents in St. Petersburg”. It is very strange that on October 15, the bulk of information circulated in the Russian media about "Azerbaijani thugs and nationalist groups" coincided with the spread of information about the raising of the Azerbaijani flag in Khankandi and Khojaly. It is very interesting that information about the Azerbaijani gangs, which have been operating for a long time and terrorize the local population, became known to the press exactly on October 15. Coincidence or not?

Director of the Russian Institute of Political Studies, Sergey Markov is sure that the Armenian lobby is behind the provocation: "I am sure that the news in the Russian media outlets about the alleged attack of a group of young Azerbaijanis on local residents is the revenge of the Armenian lobby in Russia for the defeat of Armenia in the Garabagh war. The Armenian lobby wishes to somehow take revenge from Azerbaijan. We know the great influence of the Armenian lobby on the Russian media. The influence of the Armenian lobby crosses all borders. We see how this information is artificially "promoted". I am sure that there are groups of Azerbaijanis, just as there are groups of Chechens, Avars, Uzbeks, and Armenians. There are hundreds of hooligan gangs created on the basis of ethnic principles in Russia. However, for some reason, information about the group consisting of only minor Azerbaijanis is deliberately circulated. What they have committed cannot be compared to the crimes of the real mafia. Therefore, the destructive influence of the Armenian lobby in artificially exaggerating this issue is obvious."

"The "revenge plan" of the Armenian lobby does not slow down. The article entitled "Neo-Nazis from Azerbaijan threaten the family of a fighter from St. Petersburg who participated in a special operation" published by "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on October 17, said that allegedly the population of Azerbaijan also supported the threats. The St. Petersburg local media broadcast footage of an Azerbaijani being detained by the police and circulated information about the opening of a criminal case. Although the information mentioned that the detained person was a citizen of Russia, it was emphasized that he is an "Azerbaijani".

Sabir Masimov, the Chairman of the “Azerbaijani community of Saint Petersburg” Public Organization notes that all the information circulating on the social media is false and fake: “This is a provocation. Such thing did not happen. No group of Azerbaijanis exists. No criminal case or whatsoever has been opened. Everyone knows who and which forces stand behind this provocation. It is clear where the wind is blowing from. I can only say that the terrorist and invaders who kept the territories of Azerbaijan under occupation for 30 years saw that they could receive nothing at the end and resorted to this path. Armenians who suffered political, military and moral defeat has started on such ugly campaign. With this, they are attempting to form negative opinions among Russian population against Azerbaijanis.

Stressing that there is a large number of Azerbaijanis living in Saint Petersburg, the head of the diaspora pointed out that Azerbaijanis conduct themselves quite worthily in the society: “There are scientists, businessmen, employees of law enforcement agencies, in short, people from all professional fields among Petersburg Azerbaijanis. The Azerbaijani community has been integrated into the public life of Petersburg for a long time.”

Note that on October 11 of this year, a joint cooperation plan was signed between Russia and Azerbaijan on information security in Baku. It was noted that Russia regards Azerbaijan as one of its like-minded partners in the field of international information security.

P.S. In Russia, they believe that for the representatives of the Armenian lobby, their own ethnic identity comes first, and then the Russian state. The interests of Russia come second, maybe third for them. Therefore, for the Armenian lobby, resorting to provocations against Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis in the media they control, first of all, aims to drive a wedge between Moscow and Baku, and then to incite enmity on the national level in multi-ethnic Russia. Official Moscow has either turned a blind eye to this provocative activity for many years, or has been unable to deal with Armenian lobby.

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