Provocation committed against APA, phishing attack on Agency's website

Provocation committed against APA,  phishing attack on Agency
# 16 May 2022 14:55 (UTC +04:00)

Phishing attack committed gainst web page belonging to APA Agency.

Provocative information against SOCAR, which had never been disseminated in APA, was placed on the website. The purpose of phishing placed completely under a different domain is to deceive citizens under the pretext to buy shares. The reason for using APA’s design, logo style, and phishing the page even by using the author's signature is that the Agency is accepted as a trusted and reliable informational source.

APA Media Group notes that the company employees were aware of it on May 11, and an immediate official appeal was made to the Electron Security Service of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport.

The appeal called for an investigation and action to be taken against the website that misrepresented APA and SOCAR and spread false news.

The company notes once again that APA's official web address is domain.

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