Russian author Boris Akunin faces plagiarism lawsuit over ‘Fandorin. Azazel’ series

Russian Author Boris Akunin

© APA | Russian Author Boris Akunin

# 20 December 2023 10:23 (UTC +04:00)

In a legal face-off that has gripped Russia’s literary scene, Tatyana Vikentyeva, a writer hailing from the Smolensk region, has taken acclaimed novelist Boris Akunin, alias Grigory Chkhartishvili, to court over plagiarism charges, APA reports citing BNN Breaking.

The controversial case revolves around Akunin’s widely popular series “Fandorin. Azazel”, seen as a contemporary reimagining of the detective Erast Fandorin from Akunin’s previous novels.

Vikentyeva alleges that Akunin unlawfully appropriated content from her play titled “House of Death”, rehashing it in the Fandorin series. The lawsuit was lodged in Moscow’s Tagansky Court, with Vikentyeva pressing for a ban on the distribution of the contentious series. The writer is demanding that all profits accrued from the series’ distribution be handed over to her, in addition to a compensation for moral damages amounting to 1 million rubles.

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