Michel Houellebecq's new novel 'Anéantir' (Annihilate) released

Michel Houellebecq
# 08 January 2022 17:43 (UTC +04:00)

'Anéantir', the eighth novel by French writer and poet Michel Houellebecq, could be variously translated into English as Annihilate, Destroy or Obliterate, APA reports citing Euronews.

It was published in France on 7 Jan and anticipates the years 2026 and 2027, when "France [is] in decline" but the bourgeois elites are not doing so badly. France being in decline, incidentally, is something of a leitmotif in the work of the 65-year old author who was/is often called the _enfant terrible _of French letters. Pun intended.

The English version will not appear until the second half of 2022, but the Italian ("Annientare"), German ("Vernichten") and Greek translations appear between Friday and Tuesday (11 Jan).

Houellebecq, who cultivates an image of reactionary depression, mocked his own success in the only interview he gave on the occasion of this publication, to French publication Le Monde at the end of December.

"I write to get applause. Not for the money but to be loved, admired."

Loved and admired by many, certainly, but bring up his name in a French bar and you'll immediately generate a debate. All agree he is provocative.

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