Azercell's Customer Satisfaction Index has exceeded 94%

# 25 January 2024 12:58 (UTC +04:00)

The leading mobile operator reports Call Center results for 2023

Aiming to provide superior customer service, Azercell has successfully ensured timely responses to its subscribers' inquiries and comprehensive analysis of their suggestions and feedback.

In 2023, Azercell's Call Center received approximately 3 million calls, with the average resolution time (ART) being about 2.2 minutes, which is a notably high performance compared to the globally accepted standard of 6-7 minutes.

Azercell, further boosting the quality of its customer care services, has introduced a technological innovation in this field. In November 2023, the company launched the first artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant, which provides full service in the Azerbaijani language. The AI-powered bot named AiCell immediately executes many services without redirecting customers to the Call Center operators, assisting in processing subscribers’ requests more promptly. Thus, Azercell handled more inquiries in a shorter time, effectively saving its customers time. It should be noted that the communication functions and service capabilities of the virtual assistant are continually evolving, and in the upcoming months, the bot will provide two more self-service functions.

Additionally, Azercell continued to provide service via digital channels. During the last year, the company received nearly 1.5 million inquiries through online channels, while about 440,000 of them were addressed via social networks. Currently, Azercell provides customer services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube platforms.

Also, last year, Azercell received the "ISO 18295-1:2017: Requirements for customer contact centers" certificate for providing customer care services in line with international standards.

As a result of these initiatives, Azercell’s Call Center Customer Satisfaction Index reached 94.9% in 2023 - significantly surpassing the global benchmark of 85%.

It is worth noting that Azercell's Call Center can be reached through the *1111 short number that operates 24/7, the landline numbers 012-4904949 (for Prepaid Line subscribers) and 012-4905252 (for Postpaid Line subscribers), as well as through the Kabinetim app, which ensures online communication.

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