All roads in Azerbaijan's Kalbajar being cleared of snow and ice-VIDEO

All roads in Azerbaijan
# 04 February 2022 11:27 (UTC +04:00)

As the Kalbajar region has beautiful and difficult terrain, mainly mountainous areas, the winter here is also very harsh. Due to blizzard and wind, the cleared roads are covered with snow in a short period, Azerbaijan State Motor Road Agency (AAYDA) told APA.

For this reason, Azerbaijan State Motor Road Agency (AAYDA) continues to serve in the region without stopping despite the difficult climate condition.

Works are carried out without a break in the direction of clearing roads from snow and ice in the Ganja-Kalbajar-Istisu and Kalbajar-Lachin highways of national importance passing through the Omar pass, as well as, on the other roads of local importance in order to ensure safety and continuity of movement on the roads.