Withdrawal of peacekeepers marks the date when Garabagh conflict was resolved forever - Russian expert

Russian political expert Alexei Naumov

© APA | Russian political expert Alexei Naumov

# 18 April 2024 15:44 (UTC +04:00)

"The agreement between Russia and Azerbaijan on early withdrawal of the Russian Peacekeeping contingent in Garabagh indicates that Moscow-Baku relations are entering a new era, Russian political expert Alexei Naumov said in an interview with APA's Moscow bureau.

According to him the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Garabagh marks the beginning of a new phase in the relationship between the two countries.

"This showed that what was once said that the deployment of Russian peacekeepers to Garabagh was not supposedly based on an agreement between Moscow and Baku, but rather seen as an occupation and that Russia took this step forcefully to hinder the development of Azerbaijan development is empty talk. We saw that the presence of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Garabagh depends on the agreement between Moscow and Baku without exception. The leaders of the two allied states have concluded that there is no point in the peacekeepers staying in Garabagh. I believe that this shows that there’s no need for a Russian peacekeeping contingent in the relations between Moscow and Baku, which are harmonious, mutually beneficial, and full of logic. I congratulate all my Azerbaijani friends on this significant date. This is the date when the Garabagh issue is concluded once and for all. The Garabagh issue has already been concluded once and for all. I think that we witnessed how the last obstacle on the way to fully harmonious development of Russian-Azerbaijani relations has been eliminated. There are no more painful points and painful issues in Russian-Azerbaijani relations. Now these relations can develop in the spirit of the Declaration on allied interaction and work for the benefit of the peoples of Russia and Azerbaijan,” Naumov noted.