UN General Assembly can't fully meet the responsibility facing it- President of 78th session

UN General Assembly can
# 15 March 2024 11:32 (UTC +04:00)

UN General Assembly can't fully meet the responsibility facing it, President of the 78th session of the General Assembly, Dennis Francis said in his speech at the 11th Global Baku Forum, APA reports.

"I thank Azerbaijan for hosting such an event that promotes global dialogue and tolerance. This year's theme on the forum is very important. The multilateral system is facing great threats, we already live in a fractured world, geopolitical cracks between us are deepening, and this affects the attitude towards international relations. UN General Assembly can't fully meet the responsibility facing it.' he said.

He touched on global poverty in his speech. "We need to work on unjust finance architecture. If we don't do it, we won't be able to achieve sustainable development goals and meet the requirements of the XXI century," he noted.

"Today we witness clashes and coups in Western Africa. The bloody war in Ukraine is entering its 3rd year. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is worsening. Ukrainians are being killed in the war in their country, civilian objects, houses, energy systems, hospitals, and schools are being targeted, millions of people are refugees and displaced, and they have lost their houses. This war that Ukraine is facing not only affects this country, but also other countries as well and it has global consequences and serious implications for food security.

If we look at the situation in Gaza, the civilian population there dies from war, diseases, and hunger, more than 31 thousand people are already dead. The heavy consequences of this meaningless war, and the number of casualties show us the importance of peace and its urgency." Dennis Francis emphasized.

Dennis Francis recalled that the UN General Assembly adopted 6 resolutions regarding Ukraine, in which they strongly condemned Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine and demanded that Russia withdraw its army from Ukraine unconditionally. In addition, a call was made for the humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. Parties were called on to comply with the principles of international law.

The 78th President of the UN General Assembly emphasized the importance of promoting dialogue to eliminate conflicts.