Dachau Memorial Complex establishes plaque dedicated to Azerbaijani POWs in Germany -PHOTO

Dachau Memorial Complex establishes plaque dedicated to Azerbaijani POWs in Germany -PHOTO
# 08 May 2024 10:31 (UTC +04:00)

A memorial plaque dedicated to the prisoners from Azerbaijan was installed in the Dachau prisoner of war (POW) camp.

On May 7, a memorial plaque was installed in the Dachau prisoner of war (POW) camp in Germany in memory of the prisoners from Azerbaijan who were kept here during the Second World War, the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Germany told APA.

It was noted that the memorial plaque that was prepared on the initiative and support of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Germany was made in the Azerbaijani and German languages and was placed in the memorial hall of the Dachau Memorial Complex.

Note that the Dachau concentration camp, established in 1933, was the first concentration camp in Germany. Although the Nazi regime kept its political opponents in this camp in the early years, after the beginning of the II World War, 25 thousand Soviet soldiers and civilians were brought to this camp, where they were subjected to various tortures and many were killed.

As a result of research conducted by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Germany in the archives of Dachau, it was unveiled that soldiers of Azerbaijani origin were also detained there and their dates and places of birth have been determined.

The Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Germany, Nasimi Agayev, delivering speech at the opening ceremony of the memorial plaque, spoke about Azerbaijan's great contribution to the victory over fascism, noted that 700,000 Azerbaijanis fought against fascism on the front lines, and 300,000 of them were killed. The ambassador underscored that 80% of the gasoline and 90% of the lubricants used by the Soviet army were produced by Azerbaijani oil workers, and this fact played a decisive role in achieving the victory. N. Agayev said that the perpetuation of the memory of prisoners from Azerbaijan in the Dachau Memorial Complex, which is visited by more than one million people every year, is a remarkable event. The ambassador expressed his gratitude to the management of the Memorial Complex for their tireless efforts to ensure that the prisoners held here and things committed against them are not forgotten.

Then Albert Knoll, the chief of staff of the Dachau Memorial Complex, Hans-Eberhard Schleier, the chairman of the German-Azerbaijani Forum, and Avigdor Bergauz, the rabbi of Munich, delivered speeches. During their speeches, the importance of educating current and future generations about the crimes that took place in Dachau was emphasized, in this case, the high importance of perpetuating the memory of Azerbaijani prisoners was noted.

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