All Installment credit cards on one platform. Innovation in e-commerce

All Installment credit cards on one platform. Innovation in e-commerce
# 16 April 2024 09:42 (UTC +04:00) presents an innovative solution for small and medium-sized business clients - Payment solution for business with credit cards in installments. Epoint's partner for digital development and promotion of e-commerce products in Azerbaijan is Visa, the world leader in the digital payments industry.

Epoint Inc. offers a sales solution that brings together all installment credit cards in the market into a single platform for e-commerce business owners. Through the Epoint platform, you can sell any product or service to customers in installments using credit cards. To achieve this, Epoint customers can provide instant service to their customers by selecting a credit period for the cards presented in their personal account.

This service can be provided either through API integration for clients with a website and mobile application, or for small clients without any resources through the “Business Page” provided by Epoint.

Since small businesses do not have a website or mobile application, and its development and integration with banks are quite expensive, Epoint has integrated a service for them that allows them to easily and quickly purchase these services and increase their sales.

There are currently over 900 business clients on the Epoint platform. These customers will immediately be provided with installment sales service, they will be able to offer their products to their customers on credit and increase their sales volume. This service is also provided to new clients by registering and signing an agreement. Since the contract with Epoint is concluded using the digital signature of ASAN Imza, the installment plan is activated within 3 minutes.

Currently, it is possible to accept installment plans for ABB Bank “Tamkart” and Kapital Bank “Birkart” products. In the near future, credit cards from other banks will be integrated and presented to customers.

Our Installment Payments solution will facilitate further digitalization of businesses through new products and technological capabilities, thereby further expanding the country's digital business environment. We are confident that with the help of digital products presented on the platform, we will be able to speed up the process of doing business online, increase sales to customers and stimulate the growth of non-cash payments in the country,” said Zeynal Karimzada, CEO & Founder of the startup Epoint.

Epoint is the first Fintech company from Azerbaijan to pass into the 500 Global international acceleration program and receive investments.

You can get all the information you are interested in about the platform by calling: +99470 242 99 66.

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