Moldova’s speaker to sign decrees on ministers’ appointments instead of president

Moldova’s speaker to sign decrees on ministers’ appointments instead of president
# 03 January 2018 00:30 (UTC +04:00)

Moldova’s Speaker Andrian Candu will assume functions of President Igor Dodon to sign decrees appointing new cabinet members, the speaker’s press service said on Tuesday in comments on the Court’s ruling on partial suspension of president, APA reports quoting TASS.

"Being a guarantor of the Constitution, the Constitutional Court has lifted the institutional blockade imposed by President Igor Dodon’s decision to ignore norms of the main law. As acting president, I will put my signature under the decrees appointing new ministers and will chair swearing-in ceremonies," the press service said citing Candu.

In the meantime, Dodon believes that the Constitutional Court’s ruling is illegal.

"The Court has again confirmed its reputation of an obedient political tool, but not a constitutional body. It is a shameful and regretful fall for the state claiming to be democratic," Dodon wrote on his Facebook page.

He vows he will not give up and will not approve "the compromised ministers."

On December 20, the ruling Democratic Party said five ministers and two deputy prime ministers were to be appointed. Dodon approved resignations, but declined to approve new appointees, explaining that some candidates "have questionable reputations." Following the president’s refusal, deputies of the Democratic Party, which formed the cabinet, filed a request with the Constitutional Court to look into the case.

On Tuesday, the Court allowed either the prime minister or parliamentary speaker to provisionally suspend the president to appoint new cabinet members. Dodon prefers not to put his signature under documents he disapproves of. Under the law, he has the right to reject submitted candidates twice and then, according to the Constitutional Court’s ruling, either the speaker or prime minister is allowed to sign the decree, suspending the president for a while.

The procedure has already been applied when on October 20 the Constitutional Court allowed Speaker Andrian Candu to sign a decree appointing Eugen Sturza as defense minister. The president had declined to appoint Sturza twice.