World Azerbaijani Congress head holds press conference

World Azerbaijani Congress head holds press conference
# 05 April 2007 17:14 (UTC +04:00)
The head of the World Azerbaijanis’ Congress (WAC) Javad Derakhti held news conference, APA reports.
Derakhti said action on criticizing the so-called “Armenian genocide” will be held in Republic square, Paris on April 15.
He said that this will be joint mass action of WAC and Talat Pasha Committee. Derakhti stated they will continue struggle against organizations holding anti-Azerbaijan propaganda.
“If the perfection of Azerbaijan is realized and our Diaspora organizations strengthen, Iran, who acts with territory claim against Azerbaijan will make such diversions. But national struggle is going on and movement is strengthening in South Azerbaijan. Ridiculous opinion such as “Northern Iran” will not cast a shadow to South Azerbaijan national movement”, Derakhti stated.
He also spoke on the issues causing break of several Diaspora organizations.
“The main cause of separation is Diaspora organizations self-satisfaction struggle. Though we recommended those who are in such claim to reject it many times, we could not gain any result. But all of them want Azerbaijan be whole and independent”, he added.
WAC head commented on the tension inside the organization.
“Membership issue will be approached seriously after it. If no one applies to the membership of WAC again till April 15, he will not receive a new card. /APA/