Kazakh TV presenter dies as her leg gets stuck in elevator door

Kazakh TV presenter dies as her leg gets stuck in elevator door
# 09 April 2018 12:33 (UTC +04:00)

Kazakh TV presenter Aizat Abdisamat, 27, has died from blood loss and severe shock when her leg got stuck in the faulty elevator's door, APA reports citing The Sun.

The screaming girl was stuck in the lift for an hour beside her dismembered mother's body before she was freed by rescuers.

The Kazakh presenter, who lived on the sixth floor of the building in Aktobe, had taken her child for a walk to meet her husband after he returned from work.

She tried to get out on the third floor after the doors began opening and shutting erratically, but she became trapped in the door. The force completely severed her leg at the hip.

A rescue team only arrived an hour later and brought out the girl who suffered head injuries amid fears she also has psychological trauma watching her mother’s death.

The TV star died almost immediately from massive blood loss after her leg was severed.

Dastan Netalieva, deputy chief doctor of the local ambulance service, said: "A young woman entered the lift with her three-year-old child."

She got into the lift on the sixth floor and the appalling accident was on the third storey.

"Somehow, one of her legs remained outside the lift, the doors shut and lift suddenly moved up. Her leg was amputated.

"Her wounds were fatal. The child was rescued by the service team. An ambulance arrived at 9.47pm. The lift was forced open and the woman was lying inside, her child was crying next to her.

"The woman was already dead. Her child was taken to the children’s hospital with suspected head trauma."

Aizat Abdisamat was a TV presenter on the Kazakhstan-Aktobe TV Channel.

The co-hosted the morning show Kaiyrly Tan and popular children's programme Baldauren. Her colleagues described her as “a great person”.

Her co-host Konysbek Terekuly said: "Aizat came to work with us in 2013. She would have turned 28 this year.

"We are all stunned here. I did not believe it at first. We are going to see her family now, to express our condolences.

"Her body has just been brought home. It is so scary, such a terrible death. She had gone down to meet her husband from work along with her daughter."

Witness Alexandra Kaliyan, who lives in the same block, said: "There was a sudden and loud noise.

"We went down and a neighbour said that a woman and her child got stuck inside the lift.

"We called police, ambulance, everybody. They came in about an hour and the woman was already dead."