Community heads of Armenia's border villages to participate in demarcation process

Community heads of Armenia
# 18 April 2024 10:39 (UTC +04:00)

Armenian government wants the proximity of Azerbaijan with the border villages of Armenia not to cause concern to the residents, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said in a meeting with the residents of the Voskepar (Askipara) village of Tavush Province, APA reports.

"Our goal, our idea is that instead of worrying when you say, "Azerbaijan is 50 meters away," you should say, "It's good that Azerbaijan is 50 meters away, we'll do business there, maybe we'll build a farm." It is also possible to build an exit point where cars will pass through here, so they will pay to the Republic of Armenia," Pashinyan said.

Even though the Prime Minister didn't guarantee 100% security, he emphasized his confidence that security would be more than 90% over time.

In addition, Pashinyan mentioned that village community leaders will be included in the commission on demarcation and delimitation starting next week.