Code of Professional Conduct for APA GROUP EMPLOYEES

1. A journalist respectively approaches to freedom of speech and expression, right of public to know the truth.

2. A journalist should disseminate only the fact-based information, not conceal it or falsify the obtained information.

3. From the moment a journalist finds out that he/she is spreading unspecified or misleading information, he/she should do his/her best to correct it.

4. If source of information wants to remain confidential, protection of the right of source is a journalist’s professional duty.

5. A journalist should not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, ethnicity, political or social origin, and should make an effort to prevent it.

6. Following are considered serious professional mistakes for a journalist: plagiarism, slander, disseminating biased information or receiving money in exchange for not disseminating it, interference in private life.

7. If a journalist knows the obtained information’s being unjust and biased before unveiling it to public, should not disseminate it.

8. A representative, speeches in media on behalf of the body are not allowed without permission of head of the body.

9. A journalist should respect to his/her workmates within collective, to which he/she belongs, should follow behavioral rules, avoid from actions which damage working environment, follow subordination norms.