Western Azerbaijan Community to be key partner for inter'l donors after return of repatriated Azerbaijanis

Western Azerbaijan Community to be key partner for inter
# 26 January 2023 16:46 (UTC +04:00)

Qərbi Azərbaycan İcması repatriasiya etmiş azərbaycanlılar qayıtdıqdan sonra yardım üçün beynəlxalq donor axtaracaq

Shortly after repatriated Azerbaijanis return to Western Azerbaijan, they will need humanitarian assistance, it was noted in the Concept of Return to Western Azerbaijan, APA reports.

"Shortly after their return, repatriated Azerbaijanis will need humanitarian assistance, and afterwards, a reintegration and rehabilitation program and assistance for long-term social and economic development. The Community is determined to be a key partner for international organizations and donors to implement relevant programs in this area.

Social ties and dynamics within settlements are critical to ensuring the success of re-integration and rehabilitation measures. Experience has shown that maintaining the pre-deportation settlement configuration facilitates the restoration of social ties and thus reintegration and rehabilitation. In this regard, the preservation of the pre-deportation settlement configuration is a requirement of human rights as well as a necessary condition for the success of reintegration and rehabilitation," it was noted.

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