Western Azerbaijan Community condemns statements of Armenian FM

Western Azerbaijan Community condemns statements of Armenian FM
# 25 September 2023 01:27 (UTC +04:00)

The Western Azerbaijan Community criticized the speech of Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan during the general discussions held within the framework of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, the Western Azerbaijan Community said in their statement, APA reports.

"We condemn the position expressed in the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan during the general discussions within the framework of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, which expresses an encroachment on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan and is an interference in its internal affairs.

Instead of providing clarification regarding the illegal deployment of Armenian armed forces on Azerbaijani territory, Minister Mirzoyan, like the remnants of the former illegal regime in Karabakh in his statements of surrender, accuses Azerbaijan of threatening the territorial integrity of Armenia, which is hypocrisy. We would like to remind you that eight villages in the Gazakh and Sadarak regions of Azerbaijan are still under the occupation of Armenia, and about 10 thousand residents of these villages cannot return to their homes for 30 years. Armenia has still not taken the necessary steps towards peace and in order to recognize the responsibility it bears for the occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijani territories, the expulsion of about a million Azerbaijanis from there, the murder of more than 20 thousand Azerbaijani civilians, the destruction of about a thousand Azerbaijani cities and villages.

Regarding the statement of the Armenian Minister about the alleged humanitarian problems in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and his proposal to send a UN interdepartmental mission there, we would like to note that the step that Armenia must take is to take responsibility for the occupation, massacres, ethnic cleansing, destruction and other crimes against Azerbaijan, and to support the Azerbaijani government in the reintegration and reconstruction efforts ongoing in Karabakh.

And the country where the UN interdepartmental mission should go is Armenia. Let us recall that back in April of this year we appealed to the UN Secretary General with a request to send an interdepartmental UN mission to Armenia to facilitate the process of safe and dignified return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia to their homes. However, since the Armenian government did not give consent, it has not yet been possible to send a mission there.

Mirzoyan’s calls for the “withdrawal of the Azerbaijani army and law enforcement agencies from settlements in Karabakh” and for the “deployment of UN-mandated peacekeeping forces in Karabakh” are extremely irresponsible and dangerous statements. The fact that Armenia calls on Azerbaijan to retreat from its sovereign territories, while constantly demonstrating its sovereignty, territorial integrity, “red lines,” once again proves the territorial claims of official Yerevan to Azerbaijan, which they are now forced to disguise in other words.

Speaking about “peacekeeping forces that received a UN mandate,” the Armenian minister probably means his stupid dream of placing the EU mission in Armenia on the territory of Azerbaijan. It is clear that this idea was included in Mirzoyan’s speech at the prompting of the European Union, France and Germany.

Armenia must know that, relying on such “crusaders” as Marina Kaljurand and Nathalie Loiseau, who are in Brussels and make empty statements, on countries such as France, Germany, Lithuania and Estonia, on the scribbles of Luis Ocampo and the tweets of Snoop Dogg, and while continuing the dirty policy against Azerbaijan, peace cannot be achieved.

A. Mirzoyan’s speech shows that Armenian diplomats with their Dashnak thinking not only hinder peace and stability in the region, but are also one of the main reasons that Armenia has been a “failed state” for these 30 years.

If we talk about democracy, we want to remind the Armenian minister about the civil war, police violence, mass detentions that have occurred in Armenia in recent days.

We demand that the government of Armenia immediately stop encroachments on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, interference in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan, liberate eight occupied villages of Azerbaijan, create conditions for the return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia and, for this purpose, agree to send an interdepartmental UN mission to Armenia," the statement says.

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