Canadian minister's threat of sanctions against Azerbaijan is ironic and disgusting - Western Azerbaijan Community

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly

© APA | Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly

# 26 October 2023 16:08 (UTC +04:00)

"The irresponsible and nonsensical views of the Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly targeting Azerbaijan have already become a tradition. Lately, while being in Armenia the Canadian minister made statements accusing Azerbaijan," was said in the statement by the Western Azerbaijan Community, APA reports.

"The fact that the Canadian minister, who urged Azerbaijan to allow the return of Armenians from Garabagh, did not address the same appeal to the Armenian government regarding the return of expelled Azerbaijanis, and that Canada did not call on Armenia to end the occupation of Azerbaijani territories even once in 30 years, and that now calls Azerbaijan to respect the territorial integrity of Armenia, clearly stems from the crusader mentality of M. Joly,” the Western Azerbaijan Community said in a statement.

“Canadian minister’s visit to a combat position of the Armenian Army on the border with Azerbaijan is an obvious provocation and shows M. Joly's dilettantism and prejudice against Azerbaijan. It is completely unacceptable that a representative of Canada, a country located on the other side of the ocean, visits a combat position on the border and observes Azerbaijan with binoculars. This actually shows that Canada sees Azerbaijan as an enemy.

The Canadian minister's threat of sanctions against Azerbaijan is ironic and disgusting. Canada should know its place and not make itself a laughing stock with such baseless and hysterical statements. M. Joly seems to be emulating Yuri Kim, who once attempted to take a commanding tone when addressing Azerbaijan.

We resolutely reject the "lectures" by hypocrites, those who embarked on a "new crusade" and by the country whose history is full of shameful pages against indigenous peoples, whose police, security and border services have established a mechanism of control over individuals on the basis of ethnicity and religion (the practice of "racial profiling"),” the Community added.