Azerbaijanis celebrate second Tuesday of Novruz holiday

Azerbaijanis celebrate second Tuesday of Novruz holiday
# 05 March 2018 21:01 (UTC +04:00)

Today, Azerbaijanis celebrate Od Chershenbesi (Fire Tuesday), also known as Usku Chershenbe and Adli Chershenbe.

Fire Tuesday is the second Chershenbe festivities celebrated on the last four Tuesdays before Novruz.

Four pre-holiday Tuesdays of Novruz are Su Chershenbesi (Water Tuesday), Od Chershenbesi (Fire Tuesday) Hava Chershenbesi (Wind Tuesday) and Torpaq Chershenbesi (Earth or Last Tuesday), and each them is dedicated to the awakening of one of the natural elements.

The celebration of Fire Tuesday stems from veneration of fire as a means of purification from all evils and the triumph of good over evil.

It is very important to light a bonfire in every yard on Fire Tuesday, since fire means the year will be warm and fertile. People jump over the fire, because it is traditionally believed that all troubles and hardships will be left behind, and the coming year will be happy and prosperous.

Water Tuesday – the first Tuesday of Novruz holiday, was celebrated on February 27. The remaining two festivals – Wind Tuesday and Earth or Last Tuesday will be celebrated on March 13 and 20 respectively.

The spring will come to Azerbaijan on March 20, at around 20:15 local time.

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