Separatism passion of Paris: French politicians who don't see log in their own eye-ANALYSIS

Separatism passion of Paris: French politicians who don
# 01 August 2023 18:31 (UTC +04:00)

French colonialism, which began in the 16th century, managed to create national tragedies for people in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania until the middle of the 20th century. Many of France's colonies gained independence in the 1960s, but Paris' attitude toward other countries and peoples still reflects the political, economic, and cultural egoism that is a legacy of its imperialist past.

The French political thinking, which only likes concepts such as independence, sovereignty, and a centralized state, and treats other nations as "barbarians" is one of the serious problems of international relations today. On the one hand, Paris tries to protect its integrity and power in its political geography, and on the other hand, it encourages and supports separatism in different regions of the world - both in its neighborhood (for example, Spain) and in regions located thousands of kilometers away, and the activity of small and illegal groups against the central authorities is freedom. presents as if for.

The essence of imperialist states is that they try to gain wealth by exploiting illegal, inhumane, immoral ways. Of course, the attitude of French politics towards separatism is essentially the same – Paris cares about controlling the trajectory of separatist movements and reaping dividends both from the countries where they exist and from the separatist institutions if they succeed.

France's support of the separatist movement in Karabakh at different times is probably of this type.

French politicians' approach to Karabakh is multi-dimensional. There are insidious intentions here, such as gaining the support of ethnic Armenians in French elections, accepting bribes from Armenian businessmen, and using separatism as a tool of political pressure. Since the financial motivation is great, a consistent bias is observed in France's position on the issue.

It is clear that for any political party, coming to power in France also means opening the door to enormous riches, as politicians here can abuse their power to obtain great wealth. The recent revelation of a secret deal between French President Emmanuel Macron and Uber taxi company exposed the dirty connections between politicians and the business sector in this country at the highest level. It turned out that when Macron was the Minister of Economy, he gave Uber great privileges and put French taxi drivers under a big blow.

Of course, it would be naive to expect the French authorities, which do not hesitate to oppress their own people, cannot tolerate people's freedom of assembly, destroy peaceful protests with the use of force, and label the country's Muslim community as separatists, to show a fair approach to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis, or to any other nation. . The frequent riots in France in recent times are a sign of discrimination, social injustice, and the gap between citizens and authorities in the country, and France has historically been on the verge of major revolutions in such situations.

French neo-colonialism is also a global concern, and the people still enslaved by Paris are trying to strengthen their freedom struggles and gain more international attention. In such a situation, it would be good for France to solve its internal and external problems and stop trying to intervene in other regions. Instead of trying to solve the problems of poverty and instability in Africa and Asia, which France has exploited for centuries, it is insincerity and political immorality to focus on the South Caucasus and undermine human rights. It is possible that Paris is also trying to distract attention from its internal and external problems and obligations.

These days, more than 60 senators, deputies, and representatives of territorial bodies in France appealed to the government and demanded "support for Nagorno-Karabakh". In the appeal, as usual, baseless accusations were made against Azerbaijan and it was claimed that Armenians were subjected to "ethnic cleansing". They called on Macron to accept sanctions against the Azerbaijani authorities.

The fact that French politicians talk about democracy and human rights against the background of this situation is disgusting and, at the very least, shameless.

In fact, France, which has great political, economic, and cultural potential, would use its resources to establish peace and stability instead of inciting enmity in individual regions with its biased attitude and trying to divide and rule.

For a long time, Azerbaijan has been calling on international investors to take advantage of the economic potential in its liberated territories. France abandoning its biased behavior and trying to take advantage of these economic opportunities could serve both the prosperity of the region and the development of France's own business environment. However, the biased statements of French politicians for a long time and their position far from political morality have become one of the main obstacles in front of such economic development.