J’Accuse…! – Letter to Senator of the French Republic Valérie Boyer

J’Accuse…!  – Letter to Senator of the French Republic Valérie Boyer
# 13 February 2021 20:21 (UTC +04:00)

The reader does not know those thoughts shared in this letter, like some from two preceding publications, originally are prepared to come out as a separate article. However, when it was already prepared to be published, I decided, so that what I wrote would receive wider publicity and make a more striking impression, to place these lines in the newspaper.

Mme Valérie Boyer, though we never met, let me express my unconditional friendly feelings for your persona, taking into consideration the topic both You and I are involved on equal passionate terms, I would not exclude such a possibility in the future.

I address you to tell you that your star, so happy until now, is threatened to darken by the most shameful, indelible filth. Despite your actions, nobody tried ever to harm you, you have won all hearts of those that choose to support you. On the difficult days of the global uncertainty, at a time of conclusion of the Azerbaijani-Armenian war, you did not appear, illuminated by the radiance of goodwill, and now you are preparing to lead and lead to uncertain duration a conflict that might gravely crown our still-young century.

Sadly, your name - almost said "activism" - already darkened a stain - a shameful anti-Azerbaijan affair! About three months ago, on the 25th of November 2020, a French Senate adopted a resolution urging the French government to recognize the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh as an independent republic, by daring to acquit claims of perpetrators of the Khojalı massacre, which began in late hours of February 25th in 1992. This act was brazenly trampling on the truth and justice. Three months overtaking into account your ongoing personal involvement in the matter, this cannot be crossed out - from now on! A trace of shameful slap burns on the face of France and the book of time will write that the vilest social crime was committed during the years of your activity.

But since some dared, so do I. I will tell the truth, for I promised to myself, to tell it this way if the time, to which the case was left in accordance with the blindness of Themis, would not have established it completely and without flaw. My duty requires me to speak, silence would be tantamount to complicity, and on sleepless nights I would be haunted by the ghost of my innocent nation, atoning at the cost of inexpressible suffering for a crime that it did not commit.

To you, Mme Boyer, I will address the words of truth, seized with indignation that overwhelms all honest people. Your decency is not raising doubts in me, because, in my opinion, you do not know the truth! And before whom else can I expose the insidious pack of true criminals, if not before you, the most dedicated advocate of the keeping alive the conflict?

First of all, I will tell the truth about the accusation and conviction of Azerbaijan.

The allegations that claim Azerbaijanis initiating the conflict were thoroughly fabricated. Attacks in Sumgait were perpetrated by externally guided separatists and determined by non-ethnic, none religious but political reasons. Grounds presented by Armenian propaganda are also permanently fabricated. The first one says they lived in Nagorno-Karabakh for thousands of years. Second claims they have been always in majority. The truth is they were welcomed in the lands of Nagorno-Karabakh after the annexation of 20 independent and sub dependent principalities of northern Azerbaijan to Russia in 1828. This idea was found dangerous for the future by Alexander Griboyedov but was despite his concerns implemented by authorities of the Russian Empire so as to change the homogeneous structure of the Muslim population in the Caucasus. If they were present in Karabakh, why the Russian Empire signed the treaties with Azerbaijani Princes during 1803-1828? Do you know that the pioneer Azerbaijani principality which was annexed to Russian Empire in 1805 is actually the Karabakh Khanate, and the ruler of it was Azerbaijani Ibrahim Khalil Khan. If the Karabakh was officially Armenian territory, why was it ruled by an Azerbaijani Prince? Let’s see details about Erivan Khanate. Ruled by Huseyn Gulu Khan Iravani the Erivan Khanate was annexed to Russia in 1828. After the annexation of both above mentioned Azerbaijani principalities and not earlier than 1828, Armenians transferred in vast numbers from Iran to that territory. Simultaneously considerable numbers of the Muslim population of the region, namely Azerbaijanis of Erivan Khanate abandoned it. After this mass migration Armenians reached dominant in numbers position in the region. There were additional massacres of the Azerbaijani population at the beginning of the XX century, admitted by Hovhannes Kachaznuni, the first Prime Minister of the Armenian Republic. All this resulted in the Azerbaijani population gradually abandoning Nagorno-Karabakh. Simultaneously Azerbaijani cultural, historical, and religious monuments were deliberately destroyed on those lands, so as to justify more freely Armenian territorial claims.

In response to your Azerbaijan related “Jihadist” or “Turkish Islam” allegations, here are some historical facts: The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (1918-1920) was the first sovereign and secular country in the Islamic world. Azerbaijan was not dependent in religious and political aspects to Turkey (precisely to the Ottoman Empire) or to any Arab country. On the contrary, Azerbaijan did establish its democratic and secular State before the Republic of Turkey did so in 1923. This fact gives an idea about the minds of Azerbaijani intellectuals. By understanding universal values, patriots of Azerbaijan were able to cultivate ideas of progressive thoughts already at the beginning of the XX century, granting women the right to vote and to be elected in 1918, ahead of many developed countries, including France. The Ottoman Empire was the point of reference to all the Muslim world of the time, including Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, Azerbaijani intellectuals were able to criticize certain occurrences in the Ottoman Empire, such as insufficient education of women along with some political processes.

Nowadays, France has been facing bitter experiences confusing a right to offend with democracy, receiving in response a choice to kill confused with religious devotion. Looks like certain issues are in a state of permanent confusion in your country and this even encompasses the minds of those who rewarded you with a standing ovation on November 25th 2020 in the French Parliament. France became familiar with crimes related to religious extremism. While civilized and peaceful society does not even think of extremism when it comes to defending its dignity. Sadly, Azerbaijan’s peaceful attitude is simply exploited by manipulators of public opinion. Might the problem of France derive from the fact that some politicians just like You, Mme Valérie Boyer, concentrate on hatred towards countries thousands of miles away, instead of hard work towards solving problems among own people?

It is bitter even more, to acknowledge that you act against the policy of your own country, Mme Boyer. Despite your strive, the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is recognized unconditionally by French authorities.

So, I am keen on explaining to you personally Mme Boyer, the circumstances in which miscarriage of justice is committed. Even the wealth of Azerbaijan is condemned by the propaganda and persecution of "close relatives to Turks, Muslim Azerbaijanis", as a disgrace to the concept of justice in our century. Yet, there is even more to say, you are defining as “the most oppressive dictatorship of the planet” the descendent State of the very first secular democracy in the Muslim world.

As you can see, ignorance can be truly ridiculous!

Ultimately, 30 years after the beginning of the conflict with Armenia, Azerbaijan defended its dignity on the battlefield. Indeed for all those who feel involved in the matter, there is yet one more year time to work on the establishment of a total reconciliation before the 30th anniversary of the massacre of Azerbaijani civilians in Hocalı (25-26 February 1992).

I have chosen to address you framing my message in the words of great Émile Zola. I am aware that some might criticize me for being too bold to do so. Well is there a crime in my boldness in comparison to groundless allegations towards my country? My hope is strong that the message will be understood this way better. Whilst, Zola was French by origin, he was a citizen of the world by his believes. I will confess, my choice is determined by the greatest respect for French literature, but above all by my admiration for Zola’s bravery, in defending his compatriot Alfred Dreyfus, just as I defend my compatriots and memory of all fallen innocent individuals during this conflict. To me, the matter is just a striking historic recurrence. It urges me to call upon you, Mme Valérie Boyer, hoping you realize that your deeds are solely instrumental in the continuity of conflict. What has happened out of antisemitism we all could not learn better. Today, I accuse your personal actions of leading to a growing antiazerism, which I personally see as very dangerous and do not want to tolerate anymore.

Truth is, all that I yearn passionately for the sake of humanity, which has suffered so much and deserves to be encouraged to unite in happiness. The indignant lines of my messages are the cry of concern. Will you dare to neglect a suggestion of taking leadership in the process of reconciliation? Whatever will be your choice, Mme Boyer, I ask you officially to:

Stop planting seeds of hatred among Armenians and Azerbaijanis!


Stop throwing shade on our fascination with the grandeur of France!

And to

Stop forging antiazerism!

Melaike Huseyin