Artificially settled Syrian Armenians have no future in Karabakh-ANALYSIS

Artificially settled Syrian Armenians have no future in Karabakh-ANALYSIS
# 14 June 2022 18:08 (UTC +04:00)

Military crimes, committed by Armenia by keeping Azerbaijani territories under occupation for about 30 years, are countless. Illegal settlement in occupied territories is among such crimes.

Yerevan has realized the illegal settlement of Armenians from Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, and other countries in occupied Azerbaijani territories at a state level. As a result of the policy, which aimed at artificially increasing the number of the Armenian population in Karabakh, thousands of people have been deported to the occupied territories, encouraging, promoting actions have been taken for their deportation by the Armenian state, Armenian lobby, and diaspora, different foundations.

Over time, Armenia should bear responsibility for these crimes in international courts and will bear. Because these crimes are obvious with facts and evidence. Illegal settlement policy, committed by Armenia at a state level, has also been reflected in reports of international bodies.

Facts on the illegal settlement have been disseminated in the form of reports during a visit of just two missions of the OSCE to Azerbaijan's occupied territories.

A fact-finding mission of the OSCE visited occupied districts of Azerbaijan around Nagorno-Karabakh from January 31-February 5, 2005, and developed a relevant report. The realization of illegal settlement by Armenia in Azerbaijan's occupied territories has been confirmed in the report.

The OSCE’s other mission visited Azerbaijan’s 7 occupied regions around Nagorno Karabakh on October 7-12, 2010. The purpose of the field assessment mission of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs was to evaluate the general situation. Together with OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, the OSCE acting chairman’s personal representative, and his team, 2 specialists representing the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and a member of OSCE’s fact-finding mission in 2005, in the implementation of this mission. The mission observed the settling of 14 thousand of people in Azerbaijan’s occupied territories, infrastructural changes and implementation of economic activity, change of administrative boundaries of the occupied territories, etc. These facts were reflected in the report.

As is seen, back before the Patriotic war, the entire world was aware of which crimes were committed by Armenia. Taking advantage of the start of the war in Syria, Armenia began to relocate Armenian families who wanted to leave the country to the territories of occupied Azerbaijan with various tempting promises at the state level.
Recently, the interview of an ethnic Armenian, moving from Syria to Karabakh, and currently working in the construction field in Karabakh Pogos Ter-Nersesyan has been broadcasted. The Interviewee also emphasizes that prior to the combats he lived in Zangilan together with his family, and engaged in planting works there, and during the 44-day war, he was relocated to Asgaran settlement of the Khojaly region.

Note that every Syrian Armenian moved to Karabakh by separatists in both Armenia and Karabakh, in the early 2010s, was said that they will be provided with individual support. Promoting the resettlement process of Syrian Armenians in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan was attended by Armenia’s state agencies, Diaspora Ministry, and Armenian Revolutionary Federation developing the special program Help Your Brother located in Yerevan. Armenians from Syria (the majority of them are from Syria’s Gamishli and Aleppo cities) were mainly relocated to the occupied Zangilan, Gubadly, and Lachin regions. Another confirmation of the illegal settlement policy is the implementation of the project Resettlement of the villages of Karabakh, by the Hayastan All-Armenian Foundation.

The separatist organization in Karabakh also invested to support agriculture in the areas inhabited by Syrian Armenians. The "Deputy Prime Minister" of the 'so-called" Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Artur Aghabekyan, told RFE / RL in September 2013 that the "Nagorno-Karabakh government" was ready to accept Armenians who had become refugees as a result of ongoing military operations in Syria. He said that individual support would be provided to these people, and called on Armenian families to help Karabakh.

A little before this interview, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan visited Karabakh and said that Khankendi should be ready to receive refugees from Syria together with Yerevan.

The interview also informed that 34 Armenian families from Syria have already been relocated to the occupied territories, the majority of them were settled in the Lachin region. Most of these families were engaged in agriculture. The so-called organization stated its readiness to provide all possible assistance to the settled families and to accept a larger number of Syrian Armenians.

Azercosmos's report for 2019 also noted that the scale of construction and repair of residential buildings, houses, and other related social infrastructure facilities increased in Karabakh, especially in Lachin, and that the establishment of social infrastructure is directly related to the propaganda of settlements in these territories. Besides, the Armenian government. provided with free and "proprietary" housing to the Syrian Armenian settled in these areas. A report provided by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry "Illegal Economic and Other Activities in the Occupied Territories of Azerbaijan" published in 2016 stated that Armenian statistics showed an increase in the number of people settling in the occupied territories.



"The occupied regions of Kalbajar, Lachin, Gubadli and Zangilan attract attention as regions with special economic potential for Armenia, including water resources, mineral and energy potential, and agriculture.

The goal is to increase the population. "Armenia promotes the resettlement of Syrian Armenians in the occupied territories in a new wave of settlements and simplifies the process," the report said.

The document also stated that there are reports that Syrian Armenians who settled in the occupied territories had been involved in military service, and served in the Armenian armed forces stationed there.

“By giving historical and geographical names to the new and existing settlements ("New Cilicia", "Van", etc.), Armenia is resorting to provocative tricks and encouraging more Armenians to emigrate by exploiting their feelings. The presented proofs oppose the claims that Armenia is not directly dealing with the settlement,” noted in the report.

However, the 44-day war thwarted Armenia’s and separatists’ intentions of illegal settlement, as their other dreams. Azerbaijan, even before the war, announced throughout the years that illegal settlement is unacceptable, called on Armenia to stop this policy, international organizations, the OSCE, which has taken on the role of mediator in the settlement of the conflict, and its Minsk Group and Minsk Group co-chairs to take the necessary measures to prevent this process. Baku resolutely announces that it will never agree with the occupation of the lands and will liberate the territories in any way. Azerbaijan also conveyed the importance of this step to families from Syria and other countries who emigrated to Karabakh, believing in the sweet promises of Armenia and the separatists. As a result of the 44 days of the war, Azerbaijan also overthrew Armenia's illegal settlement policy by liberating its lands from the occupation. Many Syrian Armenians, believing in Armenia's promises and settling in the occupied territories, once again had to live a refugee life.

It should be noted that Armenia also used Syrian Armenians for its own purposes in the 44-day war. It is noted in the information spread by the Syrians for Truth and Justice (STJ) human rights organization that hundreds of militants and Syrian Armenians from Syria, as well as Syrian Armenians living in Karabakh, were involved in the fighting against Azerbaijan in 2020. This gives reason to say once again that Armenia, in fact, with its policy of illegal settlement in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, in fact, made the Syrian Armenians the victims of its adventurous policy. Despite the fact that the migration policy has in fact failed, Armenia still uses these Syrian Armenians as a tool for political purposes, illegally keeping them in Karabakh. Because the official Baku has detailed archival information on the identity of the pre-war population in Karabakh territories. The Azerbaijani state will never accept artificially settled ethnic Armenians as traditional residents of Karabakh.

Although Armenia continues to attempt to change the demographic situation with the artificial migration by violating the norms of international law, all manifestations of this are and will be prevented by official Baku. There are archival documents on the Azerbaijani side that will expose illegal settlements, so it is impossible to implement the artificial demographic migration.

Armenians that were deceived and brought to Karabakh from Syria, as well as from Armenia, have no future. They, finally, must understand this and immediately leave the territories that are temporarily under the control of the Russian peacekeepers of Karabakh. Because, as the Azerbaijani side stated repeatedly, there is no force of the illegal settlement policy carried out by Armenia and official Baku will never allow the artificial demographic changes. Neither Armenia nor the separatists, who once made sweet promises, will be able to save the peacekeepers during the demographic clarification after the completion of the mission of the peacekeepers. It is already time to accept Baku’s determination and reality.

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