Armenia's dreams came to naught at UN Security Council meeting-ANALYSIS

# 17 August 2023 11:45 (UTC +04:00)

The meeting of the UN Security Council once again showed who's who. The most interesting part is that the speeches of representatives of 15 countries at the meeting of the Security Council proved that, the world consists of coalitions and that the US, France, Russia, and China have an influence on many countries. For example, paying attention to yesterday’s speeches, arguments of Russia and France were voiced by some other countries.

Support of Brazil and Albania for Azerbaijan was unexpected for Armenia. Ararat Mirzoyan, Armenia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, who thought that Tirana would remain neutral between Baku and Yerevan due to the Kosovo issue, did not take into account Baku's "political-economic strategic alliance with the Balkans." Both Brazil and Albania using 'Khankandi', and 'territorial integrity of Azerbaijan' terms were of course commendable.

The position of the permanent members of the Security Council during speeches was observed more carefully by Baku and Yerevan. Among them, the most neutral position was voiced by China, and the UK took a partially neutral position. There is no need to say anything about France. Representative of Paris at the UN deviating from diplomatic ethics at the beginning, the issues touched upon during his speech were, of course, pro-Armenian. It is a good thing that apart from France and Malta, there was no third speech that fully supported the position of Armenia.

As for the speech of the representatives of the U.S. and Russia, which are currently conducting the negotiations, the Russian diplomat effectively neutralized Armenia by being on the same list as the representatives of Türkiye, Albania and Brazil.

His statement that the rights and security of Armenians in Karabakh should be carried out in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan in a bilateral dialogue is appreciated. It should be noted that in yesterday's speeches, it was expected with interest who would emphasize the principle of human rights and who would emphasize the principle of territorial integrity. It is commendable that the representatives of Brazil, Albania, Russia and Türkiye spoke about human rights within the framework of territorial integrity.

As for the speech of the US representative, as expected, the text of the speech was based on the compromise of opening the Lachin road, but at the same time on alternative roads. Very important principles such as territorial integrity and sovereignty were not touched upon.

Thus, the dreams of Armenia and France at the UN Security Council came to naught. The separatists received a very serious blow. Probably, in the near future, a discussion of final offers with Russia’s mediation will be held in the coming days. We would be able to witness the opening of Aghdam-Khankandi and Lachin road at the same time and the meeting in Yevlakh. Otherwise, the separatists know well that Azerbaijan Army will take the necessary step.

At last, it is worth stressing the failure of the Head of the Armenian MFA by making a comparison of Ararat Mirzoyan's and the Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the UN Yashar Aliyev’s speeches. Yesterday, the President of Azerbaijan once again triumphed over Armenia and pro-Armenian forces.

Head of Baku Political Science Club Zaur Mammadov

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