Ambassador: Is it possible to forget Azerbaijani teenager who collected money for new bicycle and gave all his savings to buy first-aid kits for Ukrainian military?

Vladislav Kanevsky,  Ukrainian Ambassador to Azerbaijan

© APA | Vladislav Kanevsky,  Ukrainian Ambassador to Azerbaijan

# 23 August 2022 16:55 (UTC +04:00)

"Today, the Ukrainian people actually protect not only their state, but also the values of the entire civilized world, paying the highest price for this – their own lives," Ambassador of Ukraine to Azerbaijan Vladislav Kanevsky wrote in his article "Recipe for Victory", APA reports.

The article reads:

"On August 24, Ukraine will celebrate its 31st Anniversary under martial law. What will this day be like for my compatriots? Many of them, together with their combat brothers with weapons in their hands, will defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state from the Russian invasion. Some of them will selflessly ensure the vital activity of cities and towns, restore the infrastructure destroyed by vile and appalling Russian shelling. Others will continue to volunteer or consolidate the efforts of the international community aimed at putting pressure on Russia and ensuring the immediate liberation of all our territories temporarily captured by the enemy.

Every day, every minute for Ukrainians is a struggle for life, a struggle for existence, a struggle for their future and the future of their children. We are a nation that was not broken by holodomors, terrible destructive wars, deportations, and other crimes committed against us. We were not broken because we know and honour our history well, value freedom, strive to create a successful future, skilfully manage our own land and live peacefully with other communities. And when danger approaches, we tend to unite quickly in order to give the enemy a worthy rebuff.

For six months Ukraine has been resisting. The war unleashed by Russia is a part of its targeted campaign to destroy everything related to the concepts of "Ukraine, Ukrainian ...".

The Kremlin did not even need a pretext to carry out an armed attack on the territory of the sovereign state. Disregarding international law, the Kremlin's actions in the 21st century have questioned the very existence of a modern global security architecture. The leadership of Russia seeks to take hostage the entire civilized world, in particular by blackmailing humanity with the possibility of using nuclear weapons or destroying the nuclear power plant temporarily seized by Russian troops in the Zaporizhzhia region.

Ukraine and our international partners have collected a lot of evidence indicating deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure, killing or taking hostage the civilian population of Ukraine.

For many years, Ukraine has been a reliable partner in maintaining the global food security system. At the same time, the Russian federation at this stage uses Ukrainian grain as another lever of pressure on the world community

In addition to the naval blockade of Ukrainian ports, from which our products used to be supplied to world markets, Russia steals Ukrainian crops, smuggling them into its territory, purposefully bombards Ukrainian granaries with rockets, as a result of which tons of Ukrainian wheat, corn, and sunflower seeds are destroyed and will not be received by those who need them most. Ask a Ukrainian farmer for the price of Ukrainian food! You will not hear the monetary equivalent. You will see hard-working hands, a tired look and hear the story of how quickly one half of the field was harvested while the other half was burning out as a result of shelling by Russian troops.

Those, who with their timid silence or indecision induce the Kremlin to new, even more appalling crimes against humanity, are guilty as well – this is the collective responsibility!

Today, the Ukrainian people actually protect not only their state, but also the values of the entire civilized world, paying the highest price for this – their own lives. Despite all the grief and inhuman trials that the Ukrainian people are going through, the Ukrainian nation continues to be forged in fire – the nation of unconquered, the nation of winners.

At this crucial for the existence of our state time, we clearly understand: who is a true friend, who is an enemy, and who only pretends to be indifferent and concerned about what is happening in Ukraine.

Once again, we have seen that Azerbaijan is not just a strategic partner of Ukraine, but a true and reliable friend. After all, our peoples are well aware of the price of upholding sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state in the face of modern global challenges and threats.

Since the first days of the war, the Republic of Azerbaijan has been providing Ukraine with all possible state humanitarian assistance on a regular basis. Thousands of tons of cargo with food, medicines, medical equipment, etc. have been delivered from Azerbaijan to Ukraine. This help comes from the heart, and therefore is valuable.

Thousands of litres of free fuel at Ukrainian gas stations for rescue vehicles, ambulances. Fuels and lubricants for sowing operations... There are a lot of such examples, when the Government of Azerbaijan extended a helping hand to us.

We remember the worried faces of thousands of ordinary Azerbaijanis who from the first days of the war gathered with peaceful actions near the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Azerbaijan to express their support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine with a powerful chant: “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!".

In a matter of days, a volunteer movement was organized by joint efforts in different cities of the country to help Ukraine. This help came from everywhere from children, adults, elderly people. Is it possible to forget the Azerbaijani teenager who collected money for a new bicycle and, as a result, gave all his savings to buy first-aid kits for the Ukrainian military? Is it possible to forget an elderly woman who cooked dolma all night to feed the Ukrainians, who were forced to leave Ukraine and arrive in hospitable Azerbaijan only with things hastily taken from their homes, which fell under heavy russian shelling? Is it possible to forget the eyes of a Baku pensioner who, having gone through the horror of war, donated most part of the pension he received in recent months for the needs of the Ukrainians who suffered? It is impossible to forget the touching letters of Azerbaijani schoolchildren wishing victory to Ukraine, as well as happy eyes of the Ukrainian children who arrived in Azerbaijan for rest and rehabilitation...

We want to say to everyone who extended a helping hand to us: “People, you are wonderful! We thank you for your support! Ukrainians feel and appreciate your indifference, it gives us strength!”

During difficult trials the civil society continues to strengthen along with Ukrainian statehood. During the eight years of the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, Ukrainians have gone through extremely difficult tests that have hardened our spirit and united us into a monolithic family in which love for the Homeland is the highest moral value.

The Ukrainian community in Azerbaijan also went through similar evolutionary processes. Pseudo-patriots and pseudo-Ukrainian formations, whose leaders were imbued with the ideology of the “Russian world” and used the sincere feelings of ethnic Ukrainians to promote other people’s narratives or to satisfy their own ambitions, are fading into oblivion.

Today's Ukrainian community in Azerbaijan is those who live with vyshyvanka in their hearts, this is a family that is proud of its own history, respects the language, culture and traditions of its people, and in addition – contributes to the establishment of a positive image of Ukraine in the world and makes its significant contribution to the development of friendly relations between the Ukrainian and Azerbaijani peoples. Our community is also made up of caring representatives of different generations of Ukrainians and Azerbaijanis who, not in word but in deed, demonstrate that they are true friends of Ukraine and patriots of their country.

Today, weapons are not machine guns only! Honesty, decency, truth are powerful weapons against lies, meanness, insincerity, envy and hatred.

We are sincerely grateful to the representatives of the Azerbaijani expert community and journalists who impartially covered and continue to cover the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as to those who had the courage to visit the most dangerous cities and towns of Ukraine in order to convey to the Azerbaijani audience undistorted feelings experienced daily by ordinary Ukrainians under constant Russian shelling.

Patriotism and professionalism should be proved not by libels, but by deeds for which one will not be ashamed, as well as by routine work for a result that one can be proud of, making a contribution in writing a universal success story.

Time sets the record straight. During these six months of the war, we realized that the recipe for our victory, our common victory, is unity and the presence of true sincere friends. Truth is our strength. We know for sure that we will withstand, no matter what it costs for us, because we are protecting our own: our children, our homes, our country, our values! We cannot be bought, because love for one's land is not for sale. It is impossible to break us, because, as the famous Ukrainian film director Oleksandr Dovzhenko said: “We are fighting for something that has no price in the whole world – for the Homeland!”

Happy birthday, dear Ukraine!"