Letter from other side of ocean: Azerbaijan is an important country for the US too - ANALYSIS

Letter from other side of ocean: Azerbaijan is an important country for the US too - ANALYSIS
# 18 March 2021 16:32 (UTC +04:00)

When Joe Biden was elected, many people were thinking that the new head of the White House will make amendments on both domestic and foreign politics of the country and corrections will also affect Washington’s relations with Baku.

But it did not take too long to wait for the reveal of its being a misperception.

Azerbaijan is a significant player in the Caspian basin, a winner of anti-terrorism operations in Karabakh. It was an important factor for the US. Azerbaijan is characterized as a country, which is a guarantee of stability in the region and Joe Biden could not ignore it.

From this point of view, addressing a congratulatory letter by US President Joe Biden to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of the Novruz holiday is an indicator of loyalty to the continuation of the cooperation of Baku and Washington in the following period as well. Joe Biden well understands that Azerbaijan is a strong and winner state, an idea author of regional projects, at the same time plays an important role in their implementation. Pragmatic interests were making cooperation with Baku necessary and Biden’s Novruz congratulation can be called a significant gesture. In fact, the national security and strategic interests of the US dictate cooperation with Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus. President Biden accepts Azerbaijan’s being an important player.

J. Biden’s being a representative of the Democratic Party can not damage relations with Baku. It can be supposed that we are entering a serious development period of relations.

Remind that the Contract of Century was also signed and realized with the important political support of Democratic Bill Clinton. The situation in the region was very sensitive at those times. There are general concerns on the security today too and intend of the US administration on joint working with Azerbaijan from now are clear.

In fact, Joe Biden has frustrated the hopes of Armenians by congratulating President Ilham Aliyev, giving important messages in the letter of congratulation. Armenian lobby was assuming that J. Biden would make decisions contrary to the results of the 44 days war as soon as he took office as US President. A statement made by Mr. Biden in a letter that the US, as a co-chair country of the OSCE Minsk Group, will try to “promote reconciliation between Armenia and Azerbaijan for a prosperous and peaceful future" may be understood as an acceptance of reality.

The United States wants the realization of the issues reflected in a statement dated November 9. Here another important point is that Joe Biden has expressed his support to the economic, political, and social reforms conducted by Azerbaijan,

Safety of the giant energy projects implemented in the Caspian Sea with an area of 370,000 sq / km is important for the US and an Administration clearly expresses its support to Baku, one of the main authors of these projects. A letter of congratulations addressed by President Joe Bident to head of state Ilham Aliyev demonstrates that a new Administration of the US is interested in the further development of the cooperation with Azerbaijan, US-Azerbaijani relations have reached the level of strategic importance and has the character of friendship and partnership.

Conducting successful balancing policy Baku starts closer cooperation with Washington which is one of the main power centers of the world, and it is the commendable case that the USA expresses the importance of Azerbaijan with open text. The letter of Joe Biden written to President Ilham Aliyev shows that developing cooperation with Azerbaijan covering various fields in the next period is a priority with the USA. Strengthening cooperation with Baku is among political priorities in South Caucasus-the Caspian Sea region for Washington. This factor is a clear example that how the political weight of Baku increased.

The USA sees a new reality emerged in the region as a result of the Karabakh war and Azerbaijan’s historic victory and within the framework of these realities states that it will attempt to encourage reconciliation between Armenia and Azerbaijan. In other words, the USA suggests Armenia accept reality and connects stability with its own security. Azerbaijan the winner of the 44-day battle is the main actor of stability and security in the Caspian Sea basin, in energy projects playing important role in ensuring Europe's energy security. In this regard, Armenia has stressed the importance of accepting the real situation. Stress that the South Gas Corridor project carried out with the leadership of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev along with guaranteeing energy security, is a project that benefits all participating sides and Washington is interested in the sustainability of this project.

The USA is conducting close cooperation with Azerbaijan on security issues for many years. Wahington is so sure with Baku’s confidence in this field that Biden writes in his letter “My administration will jointly work with Azerbaijan on general concerns about security and solution of regional reconciliation issues”

Azerbaijan provides its logistical support to operations in Afghanistan. Azerbaijani servicemen together with NATO servicemen make their contributions to ensuring lasting peace and security in this country. On the other hand, Azerbaijan is the main participant in projects between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to expand and deepen cooperation in trade and investment, energy, transport and logistics, telecommunications and information technology, customs, and border issues.

In short, Baku is one of the most important players in the region and an experienced and pragmatic politician like Joe Biden could not miss this factor. With the congratulatory letter, Joe Biden demonstrated his approval of Azerbaijan’s partnership and leadership in the South Caucasus region. At a time when calls for common values and goals continue, the US President's congratulations to the people of Azerbaijan, to President Ilham Aliyev, can also be evaluated as the support provided to Baku. There is no need to comment in detail on the importance of US support for Azerbaijan in energy issues. Azerbaijan is accepted by power centers of the world and Joe Biden's Novruz congratulations prove it once again. “We also support your efforts to diversify your economy and develop energy opportunities in the Caspian. The United States looks forward to exploring new opportunities for economic cooperation,” the letter of US leader reads. This is a clear expression that Washington intends to consider new opportunities for cooperation with Azerbaijan.