Khankandi hopelessness of separatists: Priest who used the name "peacekeeper" was fired - ANALYSIS

Khankandi hopelessness of separatists: Priest who used the name "peacekeeper" was fired - ANALYSIS
# 22 February 2021 13:31 (UTC +04:00)

At the end of the last year, by winning the 44-day war, Azerbaijan set an example for all countries suffering from the violation of its territorial integrity, especially the countries of the former Soviet Union.

New relations are being established in the region as a result of ending the occupation that lasted for nearly 30 years. However one should know that as in any conflict, it will also take some time to eliminate various questions in the post-war period of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict.

One of those questions is related to Khankandi separatists. On February 20, separatists and political adventurers in Khankendi went outside on the city's central streets to ridicule local Armenians as usual. They allegedly “commemorated” 20 February 1988, on which day, members of the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Province illegally adopted a resolution on the annexation of the region to Armenia and laid the foundation for tragedy in the region. After that date, separatist marks this day every year as “revival day”. This year, on February 20, politics-fancier in Khankendi "celebrated" that date, which caused tragedy for the local Armenians themselves. Araik Harutunyan and his team gathered their relatives and other separatists around them - defamed personalities walked the streets of Khankendi. Araik Harutyunyan, Vitaly Balasanyan, and others fled the streets leaving their hats behind during the 44-day war.

Now the separatists encouraged by the presence of peacekeepers among us mark the anniversary of the “national freedom movement” in Khankendi. Those attending the rally hold on their hands so-called “Artsakh” flags and flowers. At the end of the commemoration, the graves of the separatists who died in the war were visited. The main slogan of the rally was “future of Artsakh” and “unity”.

One of the interesting points was the priest in the uniform of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Karabakh. According to the information obtained from confident sources, the priest, who stood by the criminal Vitaly Balasanyan and supported the separatists who have been destroying Orthodox churches for 30 years, has nothing to do with Russian peacekeepers. It is just the next attempt of separatists and their supporters to conduct provocation between Russia and Azerbaijan. It is important to bring to the attention of that priest that these are the separatists who Armenianized the Russian Orthodox Church of Holy Baptism, built-in Shusha in the 19th century, destroyed the Russian orthodox church in Kuropatkino village of Hadrut.

Before the Khankendi march, the same "holy father" decided to visit the ancient Albanian temple Khudaveng, but our soldiers drove him away. According to some sources, with the demand of the Azerbaijani side this "priest", distinguished by his sympathy for the separatists, has already been sent to Ryazan, where he belongs from Nagorno Karabakh. In their turn, the command of Russian peacekeepers claims that the priest has nothing to do with them and that person bought the uniform of Russian peacekeepers from one of the stores in Khankendi.

Arayik Harutyunan, who could not get out of an underground bunker during the war from the fear of our army, now organizes a walk in the center of Khankhendi and begins to make false dreams again. Those dreams that today have put under the question of Armenian statehood. Now, some of their political scientists also say where those false dreams take Armenia and Armenians to. For example, Jirayr Libardyan, an adviser to former Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrosyan and an authorized representative in the Karabakh talks (1991-1997), considers the inability of the Armenian society to choose reality and their desires to be a collective problem of its people: “People mix their desires and conditions that have been proposed to them. No one should give anything to us. It is not realistic to consider that we will win in every war, this is to live with myths. We support not accept reality and methods of living with false dreams. We have turned it into professional art. Our strategy as a people in life is dreaming. But dreaming is not a strategy”.

There is no need to talk about where dreaming takes Arminianism to. 44 days war and its results in the Autumn of the last year created such a cold shower effect for Kocharyans, Sargsyan, Pashinyan, and others that, they still can not recover. Destruction of the Armenian army in those days, the escape of Armenian youth from the battles were the collapse of the idea of secular Arminianism. Today, events in Armenia show that 44 days war also deepened historical enmity between Karabakh Armenians and local hays. Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan has also admitted during his speech at the Parliament on February 10 that there have been 10,000 fugitives who fled the war and did not want to fight in Karabakh during the war.

Everyone in Armenia, from politicians to citizens, already understands that Karabakh is in Azerbaijan. The reason for the dullness of the anti-Pashinyan rallies in Yerevan is that the majority of the Armenian people understand that Armenia without Karabakh is more real.

Now the region is facing a new reality. Azerbaijan won the war and liberated its lands which remained under occupation for 30 years. At present, in accordance with the tripartite statement, Azerbaijan's demands are being implemented one after another. Some questionable nuances need to be resolved step by step. Of course, this also includes the handover of weapons in the areas where Armenians live compactly, the waving of our flag.

As a result of the war, the future of Karabakh, Zangazur, and the region was decided, and Azerbaijan won and brought Armenia to its knees. Therefore, both Armenia and the leaders of the separatists, as well as the states interested in the region, should know that Baku will remain committed to its principles, as it has always been. The forces that ignored our demands before the start of the war on September 27 must not forget that they are facing the strength of our army and the reality in the region, and we must not forget that these events may happen again. It is no coincidence that despite the end of the war, in which our state spent a lot of money, it increased military spending in the state budget for 2021.

As before, Azerbaijan will continue its policy of restoring justice in the region, based on international law. Therefore, it would be better for the Arutunyans, Balasanyans, and those who want to establish strongholds in the region through them if they take Baku's warnings seriously. Of course, Russia, which has taken on a peacekeeping mission in the region, has a double responsibility in this matter. Any incident due to the illegal and irresponsible actions of the separatists, as well as the peacekeeping contingent, could result in undesirable consequences for Russia's reputation as a state. Therefore, it is useful for Moscow to be more careful in its activities in Karabakh. For all parties...

Zaur Mammadov,

senior lecturer at the Academy of Public Administration under the President, head of the Baku Political Scientists Club