Olympic Village 'bubble' opens in coronavirus-hit Tokyo

Olympic Village
# 13 July 2021 10:36 (UTC +04:00)

The Olympic Village on Tokyo Bay opened Tuesday ahead of the start of the games on July 23, keeping thousands of athletes and staff in a bubble as the capital remains under a state of emergency, APA reports citing Nikkei News.

The village opened without ceremony in order to avoid a large gathering that could ignite infections. Vehicles carrying athletes from Canada, Brazil and the U.S. arrived at the village in the morning. The athletes underwent temperature and baggage checks then boarded autonomous electric vehicles that took them to the residential building.

The village will provide housing and around-the-clock dining for most of the roughly 11,000 athletes from about 200 countries and regions who are participating in the Olympics, and aim to prevent the coronavirus from getting in or out amid yet another wave of cases.

Residents will be subject to daily coronavirus screening, and sent to the village's fever clinic for further examination if they test positive or have a fever. Any participants who test positive at the airport when they enter the country will be transported to the facility in a dedicated vehicle.

If a follow-up PCR test also comes up positive, the resident will be sent to a hotel for quarantine or to a hospital.