Olympic Games to end if politics get involved - IOC President

IOC President Thomas Bach

© APA | IOC President Thomas Bach

# 09 December 2021 07:34 (UTC +04:00)

The Olympic Games will end if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) abolishes its political neutrality, IOC President Thomas Bach told journalists, APA reports.

On Wednesday, Canada announced its decision to join the diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Olympic Games in China, like the US, the UK and Australia did earlier, in protest against the alleged violations of human rights in China.

"By not commenting on political issues, you’re not taking sides," Bach said, commenting on the recent developments. "Otherwise we could not manage to accomplish our mission - to unite the world; we would never get all 206 national Olympic committees to Olympic Games. This would be the politicization of the Olympic Games."

"It could even be the end of the Olympic Games, as it was the end of the ancient Olympic Games, when politics got involved after 1,000 years, when the Roman emperor intervened. It was the end of the Games. The Ancient Greeks already knew that the Games need this political neutrality to exist, and this has not change, it has even become more important," he said.

The Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing between February 4 and 20, 2022.