Iraqi lawmakers elect al-Jabouri new speaker

Iraqi lawmakers elect al-Jabouri new speaker
# 15 July 2014 18:25 (UTC +04:00)

This comes after Jabouri won an absolute majority of votes from deputies. He was nominated by the country’s main Sunni political coalition.

Live television footage broadcast from inside the parliamentary chamber showed the 43-year-old being congratulated by other deputies.

The Iraqi legislative body resumed discussions to elect candidates for the country’s three top posts today.

After the election of the parliament speaker, lawmakers are now trying to pick the next prime minister and president.

This is the third time the parliament has convened after failing to form a unity government in the two previous sessions.

The lawmakers have been urged by top religious and political figures to put aside their differences and form a new government.

The deadlock came amid the country’s struggle to defeat a deadly militancy led by the ISIL Takfiri militants.

Under a de facto agreement among communities in Iraq, the prime minister is a Shia Arab, the president a Kurd, and the parliament speaker a Sunni Arab.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has rejected recent calls by the United States and its allies to form an emergency administration or a so-called national salvation government.

The Iraqi premier has said that a salvation government would amount to a coup against the country’s constitution and would undermine the results of parliamentary elections held on April 30.

The ISIL militants operating in Iraq are mostly foreign militants.

Al-Maliki has said Saudi Arabia and Qatar are responsible for the security crisis and growing terrorism in his country, denouncing the Al Saud regime as a major supporter of global terrorism.