21 years pass since occupation of Azerbaijan’s Gubadli region by Armenians

21 years pass since occupation of Azerbaijan’s Gubadli region by Armenians
# 30 August 2014 21:00 (UTC +04:00)

Gubadli region was established in 1930. Its area covers 802 square km. There are 94 residential districts, including a town and 93 villages. Gubadli region was occupied by Armenians on August 31, 1993. There were 30,000 people on the eve of the occupation.

Prior to the occupation, the economic backbone of Gubadli was grain-growing, cattle-breeding, tobacco-cultivation, sericulture and vine-growing. 2-grape processing plans, 1- butter and cheese factory, 1 - asphalt plant, 1 - incubator-poultry farm, 1 – fishery, 1 - stone quarry, marble quarry, a branch of Azerbaijan “Neftqazavtomat” experimental plant and others functioned in this region. Totally, there were 62 offices and facilities.

There were 61 general education schools, including 33 secondary, 16 eight-year and 12 primary schools in Gubadli region.

There were about 180 cultural and educational institutions. 84 libraries, 12 cultural houses, 44 clubs and 7 auto-clubs served the population. There were also 2 children's music schools in the region.

As a result of the occupation, totally 6988 - dwelling houses, 1080 - agricultural properties, 32 – communications facilities, 86 – medical centers, 180 cultural centers, 6 - industrial enterprises, 650 km – highways, 9 – bridges, 2 – water reservoirs, 150 km - main water lines, 4830 km – electric lines, 165 km – main gas pipelines, 146 – administrative buildings, 18 – mills, 4 - hydraulic power stations, 20 power substations and transformers were destroyed, 13363 ha forest land is under occupation.

Armenians looted Gubadli Museum of History and Ethnography where more than 5 000 unique exhibits were displayed. At present, a sanctuary in “Gavur deresi” dating back to the 4th century, “Galali” and “Goygala” monuments dating back to the 5th century, “Demirchiler” tomb built in the 14th century, Haji Badal bridge, Lalazar bridge, as well as other historical monuments in Ayin, Yusifbeyli, Seytas, Garaghajli, Khojamsakhli villages are under occupation.

During the Armenian aggression, Gubadli had 238 martyrs and 146 disabled people within 5 years. The title of national hero has been conferred on a number of martyrs, including Aliyar Aliyev, Vasili Aliyev, Aslan Atakishiyev, Alakbar Mamamdov, Karam Mirzayev, Agil Mammadov, Beyler Aghayev, Kazimagha Karimov and Safa Akhundov.

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