Requirements for the audiovisual broadcaster determined on the days of national mourning, remembrance and mourning

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# 10 December 2021 11:32 (UTC +04:00)

Requirements for the audiovisual broadcasting and tasks of an audiovisual broadcaster are determined on the days of national mourning, remembrance, and mourning, APA reports.
This has been reflected on the draft law “On Media”.

According to the draft law, audiovisual broadcasting on those days should be carried out as follows:

- comedy and erotic films, television and radio quizzes, humorous, entertaining, and other programs that do not correspond to the essence of national mourning, days of remembrance and mourning should not be broadcast;

- advertising should not be broadcast (except for Remembrance Day);

- at least once every two hours, information on the national day of mourning, remembrance, and mourning should be broadcast;

- A minute of silence should be declared at 12.00.

According to the draft, when these requirements are violated, broadcasting will be suspended for 24 hours by the decision of the Council.