Press Council condemns Solovyov's targeting of Azerbaijan in connection with Crocus terror attack

Press Council condemns Solovyov
# 25 March 2024 14:56 (UTC +04:00)

The situation regarding the terrorist attack committed in the Crocus City Hall concert hall, which caused the death of many innocent people, makes it relevant to take a sensitive approach to the information spread about the event. Unfortunately, not everyone in Russia takes this sensitivity seriously. TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Solovyov is one, maybe the first of them, Azerbaijan Press Council said in a statement, APA reports.

It was noted that the views aimed at looking for traces of Azerbaijan in the known terrorist attack exceed the limits of the traditional prejudice rhetoric of this person against Azerbaijan:

"With his hints, V. Solovyov is causing information provocation in relation to Azerbaijan. He does not take into account that a terrorist cannot have any nationality or religion. Moreover, the persons responsible for the incident have been identified, and there is no need for Solovyov to make use of his conspiratorial thinking."

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