Azerbaijan's MEDIA Agency and Press Council ink cooperation memorandum-PHOTO

# 12 October 2022 12:16 (UTC +04:00)

Media Development Agency and Press Council signed cooperation memorandum, APA reports.

The purpose of the document is establishment of the effective and profitable cooperation relations, transparency of the media environment, increasing professionalism of journalists and media literacy of community, stimulating processes in the field of applying the rules of ethical behavior and coordination of other activities for this goal in the direction of implementing join projects between MEDIA Agency and Press Council.

Chief Executive Officer at Media Development Agency Ahmed Ismayilov and Chairman of Press Council Rahsad Majid signed the memorandum.

According to the document, implementation of joint project in the field of increasing media literacy in the society, increasing opportunities in the direction of providing the right to receive information for the journalists, implementation of legal requirements regarding the content of published or broadcasted information on press, as well as the educational events in order to implementation of the rules of ethical behaviors of Azerbaijan’s journalist is planned.

The cooperation memorandum covers the increase of the international cooperation perspectives of Azerbaijani media, taking measures in order to research the opportunities of implementation of foreign practice, organizing joint projects, conferences, training and seminars in this direction.

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