Yunis Safarov is radical-minded person, say relatives

Yunis Safarov is radical-minded person, say relatives
# 06 July 2018 16:22 (UTC +04:00)

Yunis Safarov, who a few days ago attempted to assassinate Head of Ganja City Executive Authority Elmar Valiyev and a police officer is a radical-minded person, his relatives told APA’s Moscow correspondent.

They said that Yunis Safarov received secondary education at School No.157 named after Karim Karimov in Moscow. His mother, Leyla Safarova, was a librarian in the same school.

Curious about philosophy and religion since childhood, Yunis Safarov studied law in Moscow in accordance with his mother’s wishes and even taught history in that university for a year. However, he was dismissed from university after the parents of some students complained of him. He is said to have instilled religious ideas in students during classes.

Later on, Yunis headed to Iran in search of religious education. He studied and lived there for a while.

Safarov’s relatives noted that he was doing sports, was a religious fanatic and prone to radicalism.

Safarov is married, has a son and a daughter.

According to his relatives, Safarov did not serve in the army.

Safarov’s mother lives in Moscow. It was noted that Yunis had his own house on Moscow’s Myakinino district. It was also revealed that Safarov’s father left them when he was a child, and his mother raised him and Safarov his sister.

According to the information, Safarov’s sister lives in Greece.

On 3 July 2018, Ganja-born Yunis Safarov shot and wounded Ganja City Executive Authority Head Elmar Valiyev and Ganja City Police Department employee Gasim Ashbazov. A serious of investigations revealed that the crime committed by Russian citizen Yunis Safarov was a preplanned terrorist attack.

It also became clear that in 2016 Yunis Safarov went to Iran and lived in the city of Qom for eight months, and also underwent military training within the ranks of armed groups together with Azerbaijani citizen Rasim Asadov in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, the statement says.

There were rumors in social networks that Safarov committed an armed attack against Ganja City Mayor Elmar Valiyev because the latter insulted his pregnant sister.