Efforts underway to extinguish forest fire in Azerbaijan’s Gabala

Efforts underway to extinguish forest fire in Azerbaijan’s Gabala
# 04 September 2017 08:40 (UTC +04:00)

Urgent efforts are being made to put out a forest fire in Azerbaijan’s Gabala district.

Firefighting efforts are underway in the forest zone surrounding the villages of Solguja, Abrikh and Dandikh where mostly dry grass, bushes, partly trees are burning, an operational headquarters set up to tackle the forest fire in Gabala told APA.

A total of 520 personnel, 36 units of equipment and one helicopter from the Emergency Situations Ministry’s State Fire Protection Service, Civil Defense Troops, Special Risks Rescue Service, Aviation Team and the North-West Regional Center are involved in firefighting efforts. Moreover, 50 personnel from the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry’s Forestry Department, 19 vehicles of various purposes of the Gabala District Executive Authority and voluntary groups of residents of nearby settlements are taking part in extinguishing the fire.

The specially created headquarters is headed by Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations, Lieutenant-General Etibar Mirzayev. Minister of Emergency Situations, Colonel General Kemaleddin Heydarov is regularly informed about the work being done.

The area where the fire occurred is approximately 1000 m above sea level. High air temperature and wind impedes the efforts to extinguish the fire. The area with a complex terrain makes it difficult to deliver equipment to the scene of fire. Therefore, all means, mainly manual labor are used in putting out the fire. A Ka-32A helicopter of the Emergency Situations Ministry’s Aviation Unit is involved in firefighting efforts in hard-to-reach mountain areas. In addition, to join the efforts to put out the fire, forces of the Special Risks Rescue Service have been landed at the scene.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations calls on media outlets, representatives of the public, social network users not to use unofficial, unspecified information about the accident.

To get information about the ministry’s activities on a regular basis, please visit www.fhn.gov.az.

Additional information on firefighting efforts will be provided.