Consul: Mother of Azerbaijani athlete killed in road accident in Lebanon will fly to Beirut

Consul: Mother of Azerbaijani athlete killed in road accident in Lebanon will fly to Beirut
# 31 August 2017 11:20 (UTC +04:00)

Some details have emerged of the death of Azerbaijani athlete Khazar Aliyev in a road accident in Lebanon’s capital Beirut.

Athlete Khazar Aliyev visited Beirut to rest, the deceased’s friend told APA.

According to him, Khazar Aliyev had a rest in a club at night with his friend. “A dispute erupted between them and a taxi driver when they were returning home in the morning. The driver dropped them off the taxi on the bridge with a permitted speed of 130-140 km/hour. Khazar Aliyev was hit by a car at the time when he got out of the car and was about to cross the road,” said the deceased’s friend.

“Aliyev was taken to a hospital with severe injuries and underwent surgery immediately. He was transfused nearly 9 liters of blood. However, despite the efforts of doctors, it was not possible to save his life,” he said. “Despite this, the hospital requires $12,000 for the medial aid rendered to Aliyev. Moreover, nearly $7,000 is required for the delivery of the body to Azerbaijan.”

The deceased’s friend went on to say that the driver who caused the accident has already been arrested, and a criminal case has been initiated.

Consul of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Lebanon Shahin Panahov also commented on the issue.

Panahov told APA that Azerbaijani athlete Khazar Aliyev traveled to Beirut with a friend of him, and there is no accurate information about the purpose of their trip.

“On August 27 morning, Khazar Aliyev and his friend left one of the clubs in Beirut in a state of intoxication. One of them was struck by a car. The injured was hospitalized. He underwent surgery from about 6am to 11am. As informed in the hospital, he was transfused about 8 liters of blood. Now the hospital demands $12,000 for the surgery and refuses to hand over the body in case on non-payment”, he said.

The consul said that they met with the one who caused to the road accident and his relatives regarding the issue. “We agreed with the police that no complaint will be filed against them, but instead, the opposite side should bear the costs of the hospital and bringing the body to Azerbaijan. The police gave 48 hours to resolve this issue. The investigation is still underway. However, the opposite side demands that the mother of the deceased should send a power of attorney confirming that she will not complain, and only after that they will be ready to pay all costs. We contacted his mother who said that she would not send a power of attorney, but she would fly to Beirut and personally participate in the process. Currently, we are waiting for her to negotiate with the opposite side,” he added.