Azerbaijan detains Pakistani, Indian nationals accused of organizing illegal migration channel

Azerbaijan detains Pakistani, Indian nationals accused of organizing illegal migration channel
# 22 January 2018 15:30 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan has detained one Indian and 14 Pakistani nationals accused of organizing an illegal migration channel to European countries, the U.S., Ukraine, Russia and Turkey, the State Migration Service told APA.

The investigation revealed that Indian citizen Nema Devi Haibam, who was detained by the Azerbaijani State Migration Service for illegal residence in the country, organized an illegal migration channel mainly for citizens of Eastern countries through Azerbaijan to Europe, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.

Moreover, Pakistani national Seyyed Muhammed Farrukh Razi, aka “Shah”, acted as an intermediary for foreigners interested in moving to Europe and established contacts between them and Indian citizen Haibam.

Haibam got fake Schengen visas for Pakistani citizens Nadeem Muhammad and Shahzad Adnan for a certain amount of money with help and participation of some people living in Pakistan. However, the abovementioned Pakistanis failed their attempts to leave Azerbaijan for Italy on January 12, 2018. Thus, Haibam did not fulfill his promise and give them the visas.

Moreover, Haibam had directly dealt with other 6 foreigners and also deceived them, as a result of which they became illegal migrants. Besides, in a course of investigation, it was revealed that Haibam was creating ties with people organizing illegal departure of foreigners to the US and other countries on the international level.

Thus, Nema Devi Haibam and Syyed Muhammed Farrukh Razi had deceived foreigners, embezzling a large amount of money and creating a basis for illegal migration. Illegal actions of the abovementioned foreigners were proved, facts were confirmed and persons organizing illegal migration were identified and neutralized.

The State Migration Service continues to take measures to combat illegal migration.

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