Russian military correspondent who covered activity of separatist Armenians during Second Garabagh War was detained in Moscow

Andrey Kots, Russian military correspondent 

© APA | Andrey Kots, Russian military correspondent 

# 19 February 2024 13:37 (UTC +04:00)

The Russian military correspondent Andrey Kots, who covered the activity of separatist Armenians during the Second Garabagh War, has been detained in Moscow, APA's Russian bureau reports.

The RIA Novosti's journalist Andrey Kots was charged with drug possession. The police officers detained Kots at the Dekabristov street. The journalist has conducted himself noticeably angry. The police decided to conduct search on him.

A package containing an unknown substance was found on him.

Later, during an examination, it was determined that it was 2 grams of marijuana.

The Russian media wrote that the military correspondent is unlikely to face a criminal case. The weight of the marijuana found on him was very little. However, the investigators are preparing to open a criminal case against the unknown person who sold the marijuana to Andrey Kots under the article of illegal drug trafficking.

Note that the Kots brothers, (Andrey Kots as the military correspondent for the RIA Novosti agency and Alexandr Kots as a military correspondent for the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda) have worked as military journalists in the zone of military operations from Armenia during the Second Garabagh War.