The Cabinet of Ministers to reconsider Azerbaijan's participation in the Eastern Partnership

The Cabinet of Ministers to reconsider Azerbaijan
# 15 September 2015 02:27 (UTC +04:00)

Baku-APA. On September 14, a resolution was adopted at a special meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament in connection with the resolution of the European Parliament on 10 September 2015.

The document notes that the resolution adopted by the European Parliament suggests that “systematical and continuous biased libelous campaign against Azerbaijan took a very offensive.”

"This time, under the pretext of human rights, the political power supported by the people in Azerbaijan was libeled, unsuccessful attempt was made in order to disrupt the developing partnership relations with the European Union and the Member States, to undermine the international prestige of Azerbaijan to isolate it from the process of integration into the world" the document says.

The decision of the Azerbaijani Parliament demanded the European Parliament to put an end to destructive activities against the relations of the European Union and Azerbaijan, to abandon the practice of biased resolutions against Azerbaijan under the influence of various forces, referring to the faked accusations.

Milli Majlis also decided to urge the European Parliament to take a constructive stance on Azerbaijan and demonstrate this approach in real steps. Parliament called for constructive and healthy forces in the European Parliament to increase efforts to prevent activities that undermine the credibility of the European Parliament.

The Azerbaijani parliament decided to appeal to the relevant structures of the European Parliament with a call to investigate widespread news in the press about joint acts of corruption, violations of the law between the chairman of the European Parliament M.Shults and some senior officials of the former Soviet states, and to assess illegal activities.

Taking the rich experience of tolerance of Azerbaijan into consideration, Azerbaijan Parliament called on the European Parliament to pay attention to the problems of Islamophobia and xenophobia in Europe, as well as demanded from the European Parliament to put an end to attempts to put pressure on the judicial system of Azerbaijan politicizing certain criminal acts.

The resolution of the Milli Majlis reads: “Attempts of biased calls to question not yet held parliamentary elections should be condemned strongly and demanded to end.

Parliament also decided to start the procedural rules regarding termination of membership Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic in the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly in accordance with the charter of this organization and during the procedure the delegation of Milli Majlis will not participate in the activities of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly. It was also decided to put an end to participation in the Parliamentary Cooperation Committee EU-Azerbaijan in the current format, and to recommend to the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan to reconsider the usefulness of the participation in the Eastern Partnership of the European Union.

Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers was also recommended to consider banning the entry to Azerbaijan the members of the European Parliament and officials of the EU institutions, demonstrating the extremely anti-Azerbaijani position in the case of the application of any sanctions against the officials of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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