Conference on future of Turkey-Russia relations kicks off in Antalya

Conference on future of Turkey-Russia relations kicks off in Antalya
# 26 April 2018 13:15 (UTC +04:00)

A conference, titled “The Future of Turkey-Russia relations in Rising Eurasia”, kicked off in Antalya's resort town of Belek on April 25.

The conference, organized by Turkey’s International Cooperation Platform, brought together famous business figures, politicians, officials and media representatives from the two countries, APA reports.

Among the participants are Turkish Deputy Minister of Economy Fatih Metin, Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Turel, Russian Ambassador to Ankara Alexei Yerkhov, Sergey Baburin, who was nominated for the last presidential election in Russia, Chairman of the Russian-Turkish Cooperation Council Ahmet Palankoev, political scientist Alexander Dugin, Burhanettin Duran, general coordinator of Turkey's leading think tank, the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA), Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Mahmud Erol Kilic and others, including representatives of Azerbaijani media.

The meeting is focusing on the current state and prospects of relations between Russia and Turkey in the economic, energy, tourism, defense industry, banking and finance, education, and other fields.

Addressing the conference, Sergey Baburin, leader of the Russian All-People's Union emphasized the need to further deepen the developing relations between Russia and Turkey.

He noted that Russian and Turkish citizens should understand each other well.

"Relations in humanitarian, cultural spheres, as well as economic and commercial cooperation should be strengthened. We appreciate the steps taken by the presidents of the two countries to bring us closer together. But third forces are not interested in our cooperation," Baburin said.

Baburin called for the creation of a fair world order.

"Everything is, of course, not so simple. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate relations with neighboring countries. In this case, Russia and Turkey could play a role as a connecting line for Europe, and thanks to Turkey, it would be possible for Russia to resolve the disputes with the EU," he added.

Baburin wished success to investors, economists, officials, and Russians working in Turkey.

Later, a well-known political scientist, public figure Alexander Dugin, who is one of the ideologists of Eurasianism movement in Russia, addressed the conference. He said that when talking about Eurasia-Russia relations, it is necessary to take into account not only the Orthodox and Slavic world, but all the civilizations.

“Achievement of understanding in politics or economy is not the main thing. Presidents achieve this by understanding. But societies should not stay away from this cooperation. Otherwise, our projects will fail. The same is true for Azerbaijan. Currently, the Azerbaijani-Russian relations are developing very well,” the scientist noted.

Dugin recalled that Turks and Russians have been competing to represent Eurasia throughout history.

“There was another empire that wished to be a passage between West and East. This was Iranian empire. And these three forces – Iran, Russia and Turkey were fighting for control of Eurasia. As a result, we lost in this competition, but Europe won,” he added.

The conference is underway.