Azerbaijani politicians take tough stance on launching of Yerevan-Van flight - APA-TV

Azerbaijani politicians take tough stance on launching of Yerevan-Van flight  - <span style="color: red;">APA-TV
# 16 March 2013 11:25 (UTC +04:00)

The MP considers that if Turkey doesn’t establish diplomatic relations with Armenia due to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, but establishes relations through Georgia and allows Armenians working in Turkey, the closed borders are mere formality: “Maybe, it allows the ambassador of Turkey to say with a favor that no country but Turkey keeps its border closed with Armenia. I consider that Azerbaijan should not interfere in it, even if the borders are opened. That does not change anything. Hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants are working in Turkey and sending funds to Armenia.”

MP Fazil Musatafa said that Turkey has taken this step to protect its image in the international arena and show normal attitude to the other cultures: “Launching charter flight to Van is related with the existence of monuments in Van and there are international pressures on Turkey to create condition for Armenians to visit these monuments. To my mind it should be seen as a local problem. There is no need to exaggerate this.”

Fazil Mustafa said that as long as Turkey’s policy is not changed, Azerbaijan’s reproaches on Turkey can undermine relations: “We are jealous of any contact with the occupant regime, including the separatist regime established in Nagorno-Karabakh, especially if these contacts are established by friendly countries. We regard any contact with this country as a factor strengthening the occupant regime and this protracts the fact of occupation.”

The first Yerevan-Van flight will be operated on April 3.

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