State Veterinary Service denies foot-and-mouth disease in Ali Bayramli

State Veterinary Service denies foot-and-mouth disease in Ali Bayramli
# 10 January 2007 16:32 (UTC +04:00)
On January 8, APA Mil-Mughan bureau quoting to Ali Bayramli residents reported that domestic animals were infected with foot-and-mouth disease. The residents said that cows and sheep died of foot-and-mouth disease in recent 20 days. Ali Bayrmali Veterinary Department chief Yaser Askerov affirmed the fact and said that the animals are injected antibiotics. He said that it is an infectious disease spread among the animals and people are not infected with it.
State Veterinary Service reported that the local department investigated the fact and found no foot-and-mouth disease among the cows and sheep in Ali Bayrmali. The Veterinary Service even said that APA Mil-Mughan bureau correspondent did not meet with Ali Bayramli Veterinary Service chief Yaser Askerov and receive information on affirming the fact.
The Service reports that the animals are regularly vaccinated against foot-and-mouth disease.
“State Veterinary Service controls not only foot-and-mouth disease, but other diseases as well.�
APA have recorded the interview with Ali Bayramli Veterinary department chief Yaser Askerov. Asked if foot-and-mouth disease spread among the domestic animals he said:
“This disease spreads all over the republic. I have information about it. The animals are injected by the state. People are not infected with this disease. The animals of those who address are being cured. This disease has no specific treatment. They are injected antibiotics.�
The correspondent asks:
“But you have information about spread of foot-and-mouth disease, don’t you?�
“Yes, I do. We are on alert. Every territory has its own doctor,� he said. (Yaser Askerov’s speech is given as in the record). /APA/
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