France provides Armenia with three airspace monitoring radars - Media

France provides Armenia with three airspace monitoring radars - Media
# 09 April 2024 12:25 (UTC +04:00)

"France has a military gear everyone’s desperate to get - and France is providing it to Armenia!" French Ambassador to Armenia Olivier Decottignies told POLITICO, APA reports.

It was noted that in the past months, the factory exported its most modern three GM 200s to Armenia.

The newspaper's employee Laura Kayali has visited the enterprise that exports most of the military-designated products to Armenia. She was informed that about 50 kilometers south of Paris, a factory is looking to double production of one of France’s best-selling pieces of military kit — Ground Master air surveillance radars. It was noted that the largest customer of the company is the French state. The reason for this is that the official Paris has decided to send the company's military surveillance equipment to Armenia.

According to Kayali, she was informed that the production capacity of the factory has been increased several times by the order of Emmanuel Macron. This factor is mostly related to the increase of conflict zones in the world. During his New Year's address to the people, the French President touched on this issue. He noted that even though defense companies significantly ramped up manufacturing in the past two years, this is not enough to satisfy the demand.

Among the problems the Thales company, which ranks 3rd globally in the production of radar and other military surveillance systems, faces is the lack of the number of employees and the volume of production areas in the enterprise. For this reason, the company created with the participation of the French government and the "Dassault Aviation" group, cannot achieve the set production goals. This deficiency affects Europe's defense industry field. Because of the increased workload, a two-shift work regime has been organized.

According to the author, the radar systems produced by the factory are designed to detect air threats. They also have new capabilities allowing them to distinguish drones from birds. From Limours, the €30 million GM 400 Alpha can see aircraft above Bordeaux, 500 kilometers away. GM 200s have a shorter range of between 250 kilometers and 350 kilometers.

40 states are named among the company's customers, including Ukraine, Indonesia, and Morocco.

Due to the war in Ukraine in the recent period, the government has officially instructed this factory to optimize production costs.